XT90S - do you need it with a proper switch?

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a noob question for sure, but I want to double check.

I’m making the transition from a LiPo battery setup where my XT90S is a “switch” to a Li-Ion battery which I plan to have an inline on/off button like boards such as Boosted and Evolve.

They don’t use an XT90S, so I’m guessing you don’t need to include this. Is that right?

Can someone give me a nice and detailed wiring diagram, if they’ve got it, suitable for a single motor setup? The only things I want visible on the outside of the enclosure is the on button, the battery level (%) and the charging port.

Cheers, Daniel

You don’t need to include a xt90. But it’s always good to have the battery fysical disconnected when not in use. What you are looking for is either a anti spark with a on/off button or a bms.with a e-switch

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The only way to physically disconnect your battery when not in use is to incorporate a loop key into your design. @mmaner does some lovely little panel mount xt90 surrounds and I think some nice battery indicator mounts too.
Kind of a piece of mind thing though and a lot of guys don’t bother if they run either e switch from the bms or a vedder style antispark unit.

I think I’m going to go with the e-switch option. It’s just a pain having to plug in an additional item when in my opinion a simple on off button is all that’s needed.

I’m going to order the eskating bestech BMS. Looks like I can use it with my LiPos and then with the Li-ion when I alter the setup completely. Not sure how that works because the cut off for minimal discharge is different for LiPos Vs Li-ion, right?

If you use a vesc you can setup soft and hard votlage cut off.

I have a FOCBOX which has a battery minimum setting but my concern is when the battery is being charged. Unless I’m being stupid and the max cell voltage is the same for LiPos and Li-ion?

It’s the same. 4.2v max for lipos and LiIon cells

Oh right okay!

Do you maybe know the answer to a question I posted in another thread? I want to get a BMS that will work with my LiPos and then with the Li-ion batteries when I get them. I also want one with an e-switch as that seems to be the best option.


As long as it’s not a smart bms you usually fixed on the cells count the bms is made for. So if you buy a 10s bms it will not work for a 3s battery. (Ok, there could be a ways to bridge the input wires or so to simulate a 10s, but that’s probably not what you want to do)