As the title said, i’m making a motor mount design for my next build. Machining will be start tomorrow, so i just put my design here and hope to get some nice input. :slight_smile:

This is a fixed motor mount for Caliber trucks 44/50. Great Inspiration comes from UNIK core series @okp. I put as much feature as possible the mount can hold. It can be fit both 50xx/63xx, it can be use with idler and cover.

It’s a compact motor mount design for its features, the total length are 130mm and it has fixed angle at 20 deg.


For Motor 63XX Flexible center distance are at 67-73mm Fixed center distance are at 70mm Idler can be used at 70-73mm for standard motor and 72-73 for sealed motor (because part of the motor that make contact with the mount are full 63mm will hit the nut of the idler.

For Motor 50xx Fixed distance at 70mm (use idler for tensioning)

Optimal size of pulley to use with idler are 32T & 36T, but it can be use up to 40T (without idler)

Up to 107 wheels to use (110 need cover modification)

Will be use custom aluminum idler with bearing (4mm ID)

The clamp will be use M6 bolt (x1) & M4 bolt (x3)

What size of belt to be use? It depends on every setup will be used.


Pretty solid design. I like the simplicity. So forward mount only then? how about a cross member for strength and be sure it can accommodate the longer motors 6374/6380 These need the 218 hangers.

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Hi, thanks. Yes it is forward mount. Cross bar will add strength for sure, but have to decide which length to be use also, but thanks for reminding me to put other feature :blush::pray:. For now, i want to test them with my 184mm Caliber.

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It is hard to get a clamp mount to stay tight when using heavy motors but that simple design and short form factor should work. The cross member doesn’t just add strength it transfers the weight across both clamps which alleviates the stress on the individual units. Anyway good luck with the project. Its always nice to see new stuff popping up.

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Thank you for the great input, will put a note about that. Can wait to test them :yum:


Anyway what kind of mount that you think will stay tight with heavy motor, for reference.

I’m looking for some new mounts. Will you mirror that design so we can have dual? What grade aluminium will you use? Could you skip to thread the aluminium for the clamp and make a pocket for lets say m6 nut to fit and use that instead of threads in the actual mount? Can you extend it 15-20 mm so you can run them with 6" pneumatics? I vote for alu idler insted of bearings. Idler diameter should be 20-25 mm. Something like that if I rememver correctly. Or was it 32?:thinking: need to check my practical machine book at work next week.

Split it in 2 pcs where the clamp is and add 2x m6 bolts with nuts…

A good clamp will work if its made of the right material. Hard enough to not deform and soft enough to not crack. Unfortunately i just don’t know enough about the correct grade of aluminium to advise you my friend but be patient and a guru will respond.
With the caliber profile you are lucky in the respect that you have square edges to work with so keep the tolerances to a minimum and as @L3chef suggests captive nuts are a good call if you have the width on the clamp. Ally threads can strip but again with the right material you should be fine.

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From experience. Sooner or later you will stip the thread no matter what alu grade you use. So therefor it’s better to have nuts if it’s possible . But anything 7k grade will be great

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Yes the design will be mirror. This mount will be machining tommorow i don’t think i want to change them for now (already make a deal with them), maybe i could design longer version if there is any interest. The space is tight thats why i said its a compact type but still have option even to use idler with its minimum length. About the idler i’ll try with 15mm because of the space, if it didn’t work, will try bigger size.

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Allright. Keep us updated how it goes :slight_smile: Do you know the grade alu you will use?


I’ll use 7075 for the mount and 6061 for the pulley.


Wow, that chamfer is kinda sexy. I think this is the only mount with any sort of 3d surface features. Ball mill + tons of passes?

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do you have an estimated price?

damn i could really do with 2 of these

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No, not yet.

i’ll ask for an additional bolt threads, so cross bar also can be use later.

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I make some little adjustment with the mount and adding support bar. Here are the latest update design

image image image image image image

Little slow progress because i keep changing the design, but they already start with my other parts.

image image


Looks very good, also looks hard to make. Are you outsourcing the manufacture or doing it yourself?