XYRS BOM for vedder's spark switch

I’m going to have some made to use in my builds and maybe sell as well, and throw Vedder some donations while I’m at it.

The problem is the BOM on GitHub for the project isn’t in the XYRS format that I need to have them made, so before i go and pay them extra to convert the existing BOM which is more of a simple parts list, could somebody tell me if this exists already somewhere?

Somebody, somewhere, has done this. They charge $75 an hour for this kind of thing, so i’d rather avoid it if possible.

Whoever can hook me up with this will get a free switch or two when i get them in if it works.

I tried googling and brute forcing through a few pages of lists but I realized very quickly I was not going to be able to add any value. I’m afraid electronics daze and confuse my mind, I’m more of a mechanical creature.

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I had some problems inserting the BOM even if i have converted it to csv or something else… You best bet is to open the bom and search for the five mouser numbers. :thumbsup:

Currently i am going to make some myself and for the european room :wink:

and i have zero experience with PCB layout despite being able to do all of this soldering and stuff myself if it comes down to that. I just don’t want to do it myself. I’d rather use that time to come up with a better deck and box system or better battery pack layouts or better yet, chase my 2 year old around the house while he giggles wildly.

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i have the mouser numbers, i just don’t want to order the parts and assemble it myself. It needs to be in this particular format or the place that will make them for me will have to do that work and charge me for it.

Ah okay, now i got you. XYRS is a gerber file.

Maybe you can download gerber, import the switch and export it as XYRS :wink:

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i’ll see if i can do that… maybe that really is all there is to it.

I was thinking about making my own with this stuff


Mhm…somehow it seems that it is not that easy…

Maybe this can help you http://trickel.org/thomas/skc/Engg/ENGG_340/How_to_Eagle.txt

Edit: “Every CAD system can generate this information. The XYRS is simply the information needed to place (or find) a component on the assembly. The (XY) information is in inches, MM, or Mils; and is measured from a given board origin. The ® rotation is in degrees clock-wise (0, 45, 90, etc.). The (S) side is usually defaulted to the top side, but can be expressed as Top/Bottom or even 0/1.” Source: http://aa-pcbassembly.com/resources/faqs/

You should use @chaka’s template, it’s more robust. https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/XuqJkZzU


I didn’t realize there is a v1.4 out there. What’s more robust specifically?

It allows for heavier current on the PCB traces

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i have a face full of giant cheeseburger but I wanted to stop in and say I found it. Thanks!


BTW four of these guys will be here in about two weeks for testing. I’m only going to need two of them for now so i’l be happy to let go of the other two to help recover my cost once i’m satisfied they’re not crap.

So if anyone is interested in a v1.4 vedder switch with 75v mosfets let me know and i’ll sell you one and include a detachable rocker switch to boot. No heatsinks yet, but i’m going to try and figure something out for that when i get them in.

my plan is to sell these and throw vedder some dough if they work out. He deserves our support for being so awesome and making so much of this shit we do possible.


How does v1.4 differ from v1.3? I was going to get some more kits and continue to send $ to vedder, but the github he has still shows v1.3 as most current.

I think someone made the traces bigger to handle more current

It was chaka: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/XuqJkZzU

I actually stitched the traces together to double the current capability of the traces. Priory to the update some users were heating the traces up enough to dislodge the fets. No longer an issue with the added through holes.

I have an updated gerber with jst-ph ports instead of solder pads for the 3 pin switch if anyone wants it. I have been holding off on sharing the files since I have been working on incorporating a few other features to the pcb.

Here is the Osh link if anyone wants it.: Order from OSH Park


very cool. Wouldn’t a 2oz pcb vs 1oz also alleviate this?

Thanks @Chaka!