Y piece or canbus

I have always liked a good explosion and although it has set me back a little, I learned something and can build it into the total cost of ownership.

I have not found an example of the same thing via searchand it has me wondering a little since a shorted sensor wire should be fairly common

Got pics? .

It had to have shorted on the ground, as Halls, temp and voltage will all just make each other fluctuate with erroneous readings?

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sure do! https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/2992/5342?u=banjaxxed

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I would suspect you are very right, unfortunatly I did not inspect the sensor cable before dismantling it.

I don’t have the knowledge how that damage could cause the master to be able to explode the slave via a canbus signal

Ah you have the old vesc on FOC? Probably more so that the old vesc is shitty unreliable garbage lol. Just my opinion from seeing a few go for no reason at all within my group of friends that ride lol. @Deckoz knows what im talking about.

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I bought another one that has a small problem, will give it one more try when(if) I fix it

Failing that 3dservisas send me two single focbox cases as backup

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Started reading this to figure out if I wanted to go can bus or Y split. I’m less sure then when I started lol


It’s simple if you ask yourself do you want to have a bluetooth module for readings on your phone (if you wish to monitor both esc with metr pro). If the answer is yes go canbus. Otherwise it doesn’t matter unless you want traction control, then you still need to go canbus.


I would assume having it connect your phone would allow you to monitor your systems? I just don’t wanna hurt my focbox

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Then split! Error rates for CAN/split are as one-sided as fire rates for Liion/Lipo (in esk8 anyway) HA Edit: shutup self, that’s not funny

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Okay. I’lll have to make sure I read up on exactly how to do a split.

*everything is funny, everything

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Just buy a split PPM cable. Connect to both Focbox. Double check and make sure one doesn’t ground out the other.

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Universal truth. Another: anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough (my favorite thing to say).

Back on track, y piece is easy. Disconnect one of the +5v in a safe and insulated way so that you can connect it again if needed.


Exactly ! , If you really really really don’t want issues with DIY Eskate… buy a bicycle. Other than that, enjoy the adventure and bring your wallet !

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I don’t even know what +5v is lol. I’ve still got alot of reading to do. Very mechanically inclined and I’ve worked on cars for a long time but typically 60s and 70s stuff, I’ve avoided electrical stuff like the plague. Everything except for the fact that these are skateboards is outside of my comfort zone.

The pwm consists of 3 wires: black white and red. Ground, signal and 5v positive respectively. Two focbox equals 6 wires. Subtract one red and you’re all set

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The red wire. Notice one is missing. You only need power from one Focbox to the receiver.

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All makes sense now. Thanks guys

By the way, if you’re still in the market for a remote, I have the benchwheel and it’s awesome. It has two channels set up so that you can run both pwm cables for two different escs without any modifications