Y piece or canbus


The red wire. Notice one is missing. You only need power from one Focbox to the receiver.

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All makes sense now. Thanks guys

By the way, if you’re still in the market for a remote, I have the benchwheel and it’s awesome. It has two channels set up so that you can run both pwm cables for two different escs without any modifications

I do still need a remote, I was shooting for the benchwheel actually @PatRocks

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People have had trouble ordering them and not specifically ordering BOTH the transmitter and receiver, be careful to check that. It can be a pain to pair them, but once configured that’s a good remote

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Yeah I’ve been having a hard time finding any in stock. Would I be running one or two receivers?

I don’t know if you can pair two receivers. @mmaner ?

I don’t think you can use 2 receivers but the RX has 2 PPM connections.

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Is the RX a type of receiver?


It’s an abbreviation for receiver. Tx is transmitter. you can plug both pwm connectors into the single Rx, without disconnecting any red 5v wires. Then, you can power one esc off and still power the Rx without plugging/unplugging pwm’s (like for programming)


that just hit my best-quotes-of-the-week hitlist :smiley:


Thank you, I can’t believe this is the first feedback I’ve gotten for that statement.

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Actually you only need the signal (white) on the second esc.

What did I say differently? I suck at words sometimes

What type of cable is the canbus cable guys?

Looks like this Just two wires that connect the middle two pins of the “can” port

Same like your sensor wires just 4pin 2mm jst (from which you need only the middle two)

You can pair two receivers; I have 2 mini remotes, but both receivers are paired to 1 remote. Essentially functions as two, single drive VESCs.

I’m still not sure about Y cables. Is still a problem with FSVesc 6.6? If you cut the red cable and the vesc with the power dies the rx will not have power no? What’s the point then?

In the quoted text, I was referring specifically to the benchwheel remote! I don’t think you can do it with the BW