Y piece or canbus

This thread came at the perfect time. I’m about to set up a couple vesc-x’s. They came with the canbus cable. My gut was telling me to use the splitter as well. I’ve always used splitters so far with my esk8s and TB esc’s and all my other rc stuff. My mind is made up now. Splitter it is. Thanks for a good discussion.

Don’t use the Y-cables with VESC-based Hardware!!! @Nowind killed two VESC, using this method. The VESC 4.xx are a bit less prone to burn the STM, when using a Y-bridge, but it can still happen. All new VESC hardware will fry pretty much immediately when using Y-bridges, especially when using the comm port. Benjamin stated himself that Y-Cable use is something you should never ever do. Always use the CAN-BUS!!!



Damn you @trampa. Just when I thought this was cut and dried. :frowning:

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What? How would split servo kill the vesc? I don’t see how that makes any sense. Both my boards and tons of others on here split with no problems

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Ok not so much now. Thanks Frank, for bringing any issues up. Learning mode on.

Huh, I wouldn’t expect that a y cable would fry it… I would figure that as long as you don’t connect the 5v cable on both of them and only connect signal and ground that it would be fine.

I’d love to hear an explanation for why this is an issue if anyone has some insight!

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How? Why? Im confused now :joy:.

This was not by connecting Vesc´s via parallel PPM… Got a ADC input and put this in parallel

In the end too much splitted PPM Vesc 4 on the market as that could be a real issue with the Vesc4

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Please link this statement…

So are we saying Y piece is ok?

What does @longhairedboy use on his builds or is that a trade secret…?

I’ve been using a Y cable for dual Vescs on two builds for a long time and have not had any issues at all. Both Vescs set up as masters running in parallel work very well


Anyone know how FOCboxes would handle this?

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Actually they are just vesc’s. Some ppl just like to confuse you because of their marketing. And any other esc would handle this also fine


Running Vesc 4.12 with a Y signal cable is fine. If you want to be extra safe, clip the 5v wire coming from one of the Vescs.


and both controllers set up as ppm on each vesc?

Yes, use ppm on both controllers and set each one up separately but with same settings. I even run one of mine with ppm/uart and have a bluetooth module plugged in to monitor real time data. I’ve have been running one of my builds this way for about 1 year and the other for about 9 months This setup is simple and it works.


What else, just use your brain-.-

alright thanks for clarification…you spoke to me about this on a previous post but now that my vesc is repaired and en-route to me, id really like to cover all my bases and not burn another vesc :smiley: thanks

how did you burn it the first time?

first time trying a dual vesc set up, can bus connection and i messed up the settings on the master vesc, i had it set as master and to send can bus signal…drv chip when pop