Yard Sale with Prices EU / US

So with Hummies hubs/boards finally coming and Carvons Exo Pros being shipped I’m in the position to move some of my stuff to make room. The parts are listed in bundles if they don’t sell in three weeks I’ll break them up an re-list in this thread.

*Note: Prices do not Include shipping. I am happy to negotiate… within reason. Make dumb offers and be prepared to be told to fuck off…with love.

These are located in Madrid Spain, however I will be coming stateside around Dec. and can potentially carry over with shipping from Florida

Item 1. - Dual Drive Hybrid - 250 euros

  • 2x Torqueboard V3 Black motor mounts with 2x sets of Caliber hanger mounts.
  • 2x Enertion 6355 Blue motors ( one use one new) with circlips and shaft bar
  • 2x 14t 9mm drive pulley -2x New 5m 280 9 mm belts
  • 2x New but scraped Caliber 50 trucks
  • 2x Enertion 36t wheel pulley
  • 4x ABEC 97’s 81a 15352127125532414262241801338329
  1. Pending Sale Idea V1.5 Trampa Dual Motor mount 120 euros
  • 2x Printed 62t wheel drive pulley with mounting hardware
  • Full steel plate motor mount with heavy duty Al block mounts 2x motor pulleys Origional printed : crossbar supports, mounting blocks 15352130864602293537104573564333
  1. Dark Gray Trampa motor mounts. 80 euros

New and sexy as fuck. No crossbars but tapped holes to add your own.


  1. !SOLD! Set of 4x Psychotiller badass tires with tubes New! 40 euros


  1. !SOLD! Pair of nearly new (60KM) Maytech 190 kV 6355 Red motors 120 euros


    • Pending Sale* Pair of Enertion R-Spec 6374 motors Used 100 euros


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So you don’t have a 6374 motor or are you selling 3 sets?

Three sets, the 6355 are mounted and I dont want to take then off if I can sell as is.

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100€ for 2 6374 is pretty cheap

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These maytech motors do look nice… what current / watt rating do they have?

… just gauging interest, as I already took some motors but might be interested anyways

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  1. Pending Sale * 4x New Black Hypa hubs with blue Primo tires(~ 20km use: still have new tire nubs)

Tire and hubs only - 75 euros Tires/hubs/tubes/bearings 100 euros

Tis…they both spin but haven’t been ridden by myself.

A quick google search revealed:


How much is in dollars? How many miles on them?


Refresh the page - I updated. I have never used these, I purchased used from someone stateside. The spin smooth. And was told they have ~100miles on em

Hey @monkey32 do you still have for sale the motor mounts from TorqueBoards? Interested.

I do but as a package only for now…I find the packaged deals are less work and I have some @psychotiller 6 shooters that they would be perfect for…after i finish my Truck and Hummie builds