Yeeplay Electric Skateboard Looking for Test persons!

Hello everybody,my names Rex

I’m skateboarding manufacturer,In china;

Yeeplay skateboard M1,This’s my new product;

We are looking for Tester of interest,If you are interested ,Contact us,Please;

You will get our products at the most favorable price,waitting for you!!

What’s the difference between this and a meepo?

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I would say griptape and deck :smiley:

Did some reviews and can definetly put it to its limits.

Let me know how much it would be in total (board+shipping+taxes). Allways happy to try stuff.

exactly what I said in general chat :joy:

When the Chinese are copying from the Chinese :sweat_smile:


Does this board come with a version 2 remote or the old remote?

It uses Samsung 22p cells, 10A discharge

10s2p is 20A discharge

20 amps is very low. Those cells will fry in no time. 2p packs need high current cells.

this is legitamitely just a meepo on a different deck! he even forgot to change the word “Meepo” in his description :joy:

Direct from his site: “The case come with charging port build in. charging port is a cord that connects the battery and the adaptor. Either you buy battery or battery with case, you will get a charging port. So you can charge it without assemble it into Meepo Board. Recommended to get an extra adapter/charger for each battery, so that you can charge multiple batteries at the same time”

The esc is rated for 25A in extreme conditions (uphills)

Soo for usual cruising won’t hurt too much

I’ll test it… If you give me it for free :wink:

If you want to send me one I’ll do a review video for my channel…?

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I will gladly test it if you send it to me for free. I’ll compare the Meepo to the Meepo, uh I mean, ahem Yeeplay

It’s funny to see how chinese companies do their marketing.

I would be interested in testing if you are still looking