YeePlay/Meepo Koston Deck Swap, ABEC 11 107mm Wheels

I’ve severely modified my, what was originally a YeePlay M1.

What’s new:

  • Custom 10s4p Samsung 30q flat flexible battery
  • Koston drop-down downhill deck
  • Custom ABS enclosure
  • Abec 11 107mm wheels
  • Meepo (new) remote
  • Orangutan nipples (purple)

What’s original:

  • Trucks
  • Hub motors
  • ESC

I decided I’d try and fit 107mm thane over the standard hub motors to improve the softness of the ride.

I started by using a thin bandsaw to remove the original thane from the hubs bell housing… Using a 6?mm hole saw, I bored out two of the abec 11 107s to match the diameter of the hub motors. After that I basically used high temperature epoxy to glue the 107s to the motors.












Rides super smooth! :+1:


Cool rebuild! Do you have some pictures of the enclosure?

How hot do those Motors get? I imagine that does not help with Temps

I’m running a set of those hubs with vescs set at 60 and they don’t get hot at all. Even in 30 degree sunshine.
@darkkevind Love that idea for the thane! not sure if I could bring myself to take a hole saw to new abecs though lol I’ll use some clones but defo doing it

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They get too hot to touch after a 30 mile ride… However they don’t overheat and to be honest, I don’t see how this amount more of thane will make that much difference to the temperature.

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you did this one first hey? Glad its not just me who drills first asks questions later lol


Alright probably after 30 miles they might be a bit hot lol Try as I may I can not ride 30 miles on a board, shot knees and back. Maybe on the baja when it eventually arrives.

Yup, this one was first! :laughing:

I obviously realised I didn’t need to drill all the way through the thane for the ridges of the hub…

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I do shit like that all the time. Still a great idea though and I will be stealing it. I’ve already set up my drill press. Got some old 90mm cheapos to practice on first. Did they stay true balance wise?

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Yeah, not 100% perfect, but good enough.


very slight but workable. My jacob hubs have the same amount and they are spanking new.

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What’s your new top speed in comparison with the smaller thane?

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I’m not sure to be honest… Fells like I’ve gained a few mph…

Hey there. I just love with what you done. I actually wanted to try this but I’m too much of a klutz to achieve the level of work you done. I’m just in awe because I have a Meepo V2 board. It has 90mm wheels and I wanted to upgrade them to ABEC 11 107mm as well. Terrible roads here in NYC so the extra mm will do me a lot of justice. Besides that… meepo wheels aren’t the best. I was wondering… would you be able to do it for me. We can negotiate a payment for your labor work. DM me if your interested ^-^


dang this is hella cool! You wanna post a tutorial on how to core those wheels?

Awesome work! I want to do something similar with rubber wheels. I was wondering, did you actually end up with exactly the 67mm diameter after cutting with the hole saw? I heard that because urethane/ rubber expands in heat, it might be necessary to cut with a smaller hole saw?

1,5 years later. Hope u see this but was that a good idea did it hold upp.

U recommend that? Was it a good idea?