YEP Esc troubleshooting - no longer outputting tone or signal to motor?

I was riding as usual, no incline and less than half throttle - the Esc decided to suddenly pulse a hard brake and then stop working altogether and leave me coasting. The esc now won’t output anything through the three output wires - the motor is fine I checked it with a different esc - the YEP esc shows through the red light that actually confirms the number of cells and it arming, as well as the receiver signal. Plugging into the programming board did not change anything, since there is no tone but I am able still able to configure the settings. This, the absence of a bad smell, and the fact that both the esc and the motor were hardly warm at the time of the failure leads me to believe that nothing is physically fried. Anyone experienced anything like this with YEP esc before? I am using the 120A 2-6s model.

I had one time the problem that i have set up the ppm settings wrong accidentally… but i dont know if that is the case for you

PPM Settings -> Full throttle on TX -> power on the ESC -> wait till it beeps continuously -> neutral on TX -> wait till it beeps continuously -> full brake on TX -> wait till it beeps continuously

after that the ppm settings are correct

Doesn’t seem to work because I have no beeping… The esc seems to be getting really hot at one specific chip now…