Yet another Dual Belt Drive Foosted Board - Vanguard Clone - Flipsky 6354 - VESC 4.2

Hey guys !

After my initial Ownboard W1S conversion build failed (sort of :laughing:) I began looking for more parts to build a total DIY build :+1:

And here I present to you my own Foosted build :sunny:

  • Vanguard Clone deck
  • Flipsky 6354 motors
  • VESC 4.2 + loop key
  • Samsung 30Q 10s3p 9.0ah battery kit from Ownboard
  • Ownboard W2 ESC + battery enclosure (plastic)
  • Caliber 2 Trucks
  • @Boardnamics 63mm mounts with idler
  • Orangatang Nipples Bushing (Purple)
  • 97mm 78a Flywheel Clones
  • Flipsky VX1 remote
  • Crappy grip tape :smile:

Photos -

Ever since I saw the Foosted build from @SkateMetric, I always wanted to build one myself but unfortunately the shipping from loaded for their Caguama wheels and Vanguard deck is pretty expensive from where I am located, so I opted for slightly less premium parts from China.

I still own my Onwboard W1S but man, this belt driven board is much nicer to ride and also the Vanguard clone albeit not the same as the real deal, it does performs much better than the generic Chinese deck used by Ownboard :slight_smile:

97mm wheel + the Vanguard clone reduces the on the road vibrations a WHOLE lot and riding over cobblestone + visually impaired guidelines on pathway is never the same :blush:

Overall I am really satisfied with this build and I really hope the stuffs won’t breakdown so soon :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Feel free to ask me anything about the build and I will share my knowledge with you :love_you_gesture:


What pulley are you using?

Cheap Chinese plastic pulley, the same as the DIYe ones :slight_smile:

12/36t :+1:

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Could you provide a link from where you got it?

I got them from taobao so the site will be in chinese, not sure if you can read but here you go - LINK

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How did you manage to get the esc, enclosure, and battery from Ownboard?

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Love seeing inspired builders from prebuilt boards. I had a meepo V1 that is now an entirely DIY board where I also went for the boosted clone look.

The ESC isn’t from Ownboard, I use the Flipsky 4.20 Dual VESC :slight_smile:

As for the enclosures, I just engage them in Taobao and ask if they sell it, and they do :slight_smile:

Got them before the W2 official launch too :+1:

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Thanks @Meeep :smiley: appreciate that :+1:

My initial plan was to only convert the W1S to a belt driven one (that was way before the new W2 is a thing) but things didn’t turn out to be in my favor so I opted for DIY :smiley:

Oh hello, I’m planning to order parts from taobao to build my first board. Could you provide me some link to buy motor mount ? I’m gonna using the caliber trucks but could not find any mounts in pair at taobao, just single one :frowning:

My mounts are from boardnamics and not Taobao, so can’t help with that :frowning:

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Ownboard sells 30q 9Ah packs??

I only see 4Ah,6Ah and 8.1Ah

EDIT : nevermind, found it on the w2 board page itself

Yeap, that’s the new W2 battery :slight_smile: range has been pretty good for my first range test :smiley:

Got to ride around 15 km with 55% battery left :open_mouth:

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So you get the W2 battery and enclosures directly from them? Is it plastic or metal like their previous cases?

Edit: oops nvm saw you wrote plastic

Yea got them direct from Ownboard’s taobao store :slight_smile: Enclosure is plastic but they do flex a little, should be able to take some knocks :+1:

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How much for a 10s3p pack? Not sure how to search in Chinese so you have a link to it?

I got mine for USD$ 290 from them, they don’t have a listing on the newer parts as they’re not active in Taobao :neutral_face:

Managed to hit a range of 25km with 24% left on my 10s3p battery :+1: not bad I would say :wink:

How did you purchase it from them then? Just message and ask?

Also did you buy the ESC from them or just the enclosures?