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Yet another Noob with new build on the go


Have Loaded Dervish Deck with wider trucks to accommodate larger dual motors and 85mm Orangatang wheels.

Have not yet bought battery or ESC and the motors will be my next purchase.

AlienPowerSystems have motors on offer at £85 each at present.

I would appreciate your knowledge as electric boards all new to me, just want a good all round cruiser that will not need upgrading after a short time.

Want two 6374 motors

Please tell me,

Dual 6374 170kv or 200kv ? 8mm or 10mm shaft (the red motors have the 8mm shaft.

Please try to not confuse me with replies as on a steep learning curve,



lower kv will give more torque, higher will give more speed, if you use thes same gearing ratio


Thanks for reply, I had read that a 170kv would give more torque than a 200kv but I assumed that as using 2 motors this would make up for the less torque.

Note I weigh 13 stone

yeah 2 200kv motors will have more torque than 1 170kv one, it doesn’t really matter because you can use different gearing ratios to change the torque and speed.