Yet another safety post

Today my brother and I went for a little night ride, well I had just finished my re-build of my second build and wanted to test it out. Well obviously you can guess how that went, around 50km/h I was suddenly no longer on the board. I managed to take 2 large steps and then tumble into a roll according to my brother.

I was wearing a full face helmet so my head was safe but I had no other gear. I am now buying new gear including knee pads, armoured hoodies and maybe pants too. Look at it this way I ripped clothes worth at least $150 so why not spend that on proper gear to not rip your nice new clothes.

I was lucky and just have minor road rash and cuts but guys this is serious please get some gear


hope you are alright considering, what do you mean with “larg”?

Larg aggggh

You ok Pat?


Sorry guys my bandaged arm pressed enter before I was done lol


Aside from gear, knowing how to fall to the point that it is muscle memory is huge Glad you’re in one piece. Heal quick

Yep, totally agree. I have become very good at falling due to playing soccer and being rather small. When falling off my board now I usually try and run it out and then try to roll. This probably isn’t the best way to fall but I find it natural and helps to spread out pressure

Depends on speed. Low-mid speeds great, high speed not so much. Hands start swinging around, better off getting into a controlled slide.(road rash sucks so get something tough) Ive had 4 operations on my right arm from a high speed roll. Things shattered… 15+ years latter and that arm still isn’t right.

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Yeah, I’m looking at buying a kevlar reinforced hoodie with removable CE armour on the elbows, shoulders and spine.

The main reason for the roll this time was my unawareness of the crash happening, the was no wobbles or any debris on the road, it was 100% random. I was suddenly just stepping on the ground. No idea what actually happened but I won’t be going that fast again until I get some new gear.

had a Crash just like urs when I Tried my esk8 for the first time with my brother :joy: but at like 37-40 km/h without fullface :see_no_evil:

3 steps 2 rolls and then a belly and arms side.

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626944378 Be safe


Do you think Kevlar is up to the task of not getting shredded?

Honestly I’m not the best person to ask. I’ve been doing stupid s*** and going fast wearing no gear since I was way to little. Lost count of how many concussions and broken bones I’ve had. Lots of surgeries, a few bone grafts and more metal parts than Japanese cars. Chicks dig scars lol. I’m in my 30s now and still struggle to wear a helmet… Just getting into esk8. Trying to be better about it.


don’t EVER try to run it off, 9 times out of 10 you’ll break an ankle

i take 1 step and launch myself into a roll over my right shoulder, i can usually get back standing thanks to my momentum at the end of my roll

if you’ve got kevlar, just slide on your stomach, no steps

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It’s one thing to sprain an ankle and it’s another to brake an ankle

What! are you some sort of a ninja? How would launching yourself higher or lower or anyhow help things?

I rolled on my right shoulder and broke my collarbone :c

lol i didn’t say roll ON your right shoulder i said OVER your right shoulder. just try not to roll right on your spine cause that hurts, pick a side and roll on it

i take one step, catch myself with right forearm, tuck my head and roll on the right side of my back

Why not just not go 50km/h (31mph) ?

35 km/h (22mph) is a very nice top-speed allowing you to enjoy esk8ing and all the joy and convenience without risking such a bad spill.

I don’t know about you guys but I pucker up just the same wether it’s 35-45mph or 20mph. Falling sucks regardless and it’s the feeling of being out of control in general that scares me. I’ll only really push 40mph if I know: 1 the road is smooth, 2 the road is clear, 3 I’m mentally prepared for unexpected obstacles. I guess because of this I get the heeby-jeebies a lot more often at lower ~20mph speeds.

I’ve had 20mph falls way worse than 45mph falls. To answer your question though, because it’s fun and relaxing. Just gear up for it.


Conversation with myself …
“I’m just going to the park to hang.
I rode 40 mi yesterday so the cobwebs are out. It’s hot (95°F) so I’ll just wear my helmet.
Well you better wear gloves too, you know how bad that hurts even if just a little spill. Ok, ok. Gloves too. Remember that last fall on your hip? Fuck. Fine my hillbilly shorts under my shorts. You ok with that? Better at least bring elbows and knees incase you decide to go on a speed run or something, but yeah. I’m ok with that.

3 miles down the road I hit a hidden bump so hard it flipped me forward. Took the brunt of it on my right forearm, rolled to hip /back. Thank myself for the convincing of the hip pads. Backpack (with the other pads in it) saved my back. Board flipped and landed upside down. (never seen that before).

The elbow pads would have perfectly covered where I got road rash and scrapes. My only injury other than that was a quarter sized scrape on my shoulder. “Told ya so. Never again talk yourself out of full pads.

Looking into those protective hoidies. Thanks for the tip.


Exactly what I did, managed to stand up just before rolling up the gutter lol