Yin-Yang | 3D printed dual mtb motor mounts [Development]

@FredrikHems yup, Nema 23’s and I can honnestly say they are massive, £40ea with a holding torque of 1.26Nm - Have a look Here for the motors. They are going to be driven by a duetWifi when completed

@moon Im still considering it, it will be open source eventually but untill I can make sure its safe and working I dont want to risk other people beta testing for them to break on them and could cause seious harm.

@Acido Thats a good Idea, I have toyed with inserting carbonfibre wrap half way during the print to impregnate the parts with it.

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Probably the most responsible thing to do, I do have access to CNC machines to I was looking forward to see what can happen

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After im fairly sure that the alpha version wont up and murder someone, ill start posting links to them for testers. See what people like and dislike along with what people would like changed and added

Cool, here is some inspiration.

The guy is doing similar stuff as you

Look at his other pictures aswell


Thats actully @Idea `s facebook. He have a thread about the mounts here one the forum :grinning:


Hey, are there any updates to this project? I’m hoping you’ll eventually post the stl files, I might try to make some add-ons to go with this design.

Hey @High-roller. I do appologise for the long delays in development. Currently I have been building a Custom printer to make the prototype parts as my ‘FlashForge Creator Pro’ just isnt big enough for these large prints to keep it safe.

It is fully built and operational. just getting it calibrated is taking its time. (TBH I though it would only take about 2-3 weeks to get it fully working, yet I started on this in december and its still not finished) If your interested I can post full details on the printer as I am planning on putting all the files on thingiverse.

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I would love to see more of the printer :drooling_face:

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I guess an update post will be under way then :smiley: It is honnestly bigger than my coffee table. I am looking forward to a V2.0 as I have learned lots while building it.

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Did you convert your Flashforge, or did you start from scratch?

Start from scratch, The FF is a fantastic machine, but does have some limitations in the power and speed department. I decided starting from scratch would be much nicer, and mean I can make it to function and keep the FF for smaller prints. plus this way I can have dual Titan Aero print heads, and the frame can be made out of 4545 extrutions. :smiley:

Will be looking forward for more information, and of course pictures! :wink:

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Hopefully you might even get videos of its first prints.

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Nice, can’t wait to see how it comes out! What are the build dimensions? I have a prusa i3 mk2, do you think that would be able to handle the print properly?

A mk2 should be able to print it loverly. it was originally supposed to be printed on a FFCP so build dimentions are only going to be slightly larger than that. if it can handle PETG it can print it.

Not going to lie. this build log for the printer is taking forever to word correctly. soo much information.

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Hey, what ever happened with this project? Did you get your printer up and running?

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so, Super Long story short. I did get the printer working, and it is amazing. so good infact I decided to start a company to develop it further, because its the best damn printer I have ever used - and hopefully after 1 year of development, the printer will go live in a month or so.

As for the brackets, Ive currently just updated my ones to a V3 after having some problems with the clamp causing the brackets to skew, so its been fully redesigned to be slimmer, and bolt into the grub screw holes on the axle for extra stability. (That and not realising I needed a 35deg deck made saving up for a new deck take forever)

Other than that, In the coming weeks Ill be posting the .STL for the files as I find the mounts are bloody bullet proof with this new update, and with all the information of the new printer!


Since im talking about it, might as well do some shameful teasing of the printers functions (I cant show the test machines right now, But I will be able to soon) %C2%A3500_printer_design_2018-Jul-20_04-34-08PM-000_CustomizedView32703162683

^^ This is the 14th Iteration from the first prototype. We havent decided on a name yet as all the good names are taken by bad kickstarter printers, so currently we just refer to her as “LE-350-P14”.

My main aim is to release a printer that is going to shake up the printing eviroment showing you can get amazing performance without needing to sell your liver. That being said, Ill list of the features then tell you the price point.


  • 32Bit Wifi connected logicboard (DuetWifi Offical)
  • 7" full colour touch screen display w/ sd card slot
  • Custom E3D matte black Titan Aero w/ 0.6mm harderned steel Volcano upgrade & noctua cooling fan
  • Custom Precision Piezo z sensor (Inbuilt into custom E3D hotend <- this is super cool)
  • Full sensor less homing w/ 25 point auto bed & gantry levelling
  • Custom plasma cut ar400Steel brackets (no acrylic or aluminium here)
  • Spring steel insert-able plate (Just like prusa mk3’s) with PEI pre-applied
  • Full Aluminium frame & 5mm laser cut acrylic enclosure
  • Rear storage compartment for hiding wiring and ample space for easy modding
  • True CoreXY kinematics
  • 11mm highquality gt2 belts
  • print volume of 350^370^530

Sale Price £599

As you can probably tell, we have crammed in as many high end features we can into a price point sub £600, without compromising quality. With the use of the DuetWifi mainboard, and custom E3D hotend, we can print roughly 230% faster than the competition, and have prints that are more accurate, and stronger to boot!