Your First fall

I had my first eboard fall and id like to share how important safety gear is and maybe you guys can share your stories too.

I was on my way home and i had to pass through a small gap to not hit the curb and unfortunately there was some wet news paper that locked up my left wheel and threw me off at around 12mph, i had most of my safety gear on except my gloves. My left elbow pad took most of the force and saved my arm i slide on the asphalt when i went down and i scraped up my belly a bit and since i decided to wear no gloves my right hand got a bit scraped up but all in all my safety gear saved my body so i can keep riding not have to stay home and recover, stay safe guys.


Good to hear you were wearing your safety gear. Normally people start to wear it AFTER their first fall. I started to wear a helmet this year, i always thought it’s not cool but hey… a big hole in your head is not cool!

A couple of months ago i was falling backwards and my head hit the ground. Fortunately i was wearing a helmet and absolutely nothing happened, i stood up and continued riding instead of calling ambulance!

Also my gloves saved me when i had an accident, sliding down the road only on my gloves and shoes, I feel naked without and don’t feel safe at all. The same for helmet.

SO WEAR YOUR SAFETY GEAR AND IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY GET IT NOW!!! Of course it costs money but how much is your life?


My first fall was backs in 11/2016. It was winter time and been raining for a few weeks therefor I was not able to ride. During that break I did some modifications to my gears and ESC. For some reason I decided to set the brake at 50% on nurture and forgot about it. when sun came out I discussed to take the board for a ride. I went full speed and reached about 22mph. I got scared and decided to slow down by letting he trigger go. Guess what happen? The ESC applied 50% brake. The brake work perfectly and I went flying palm and elbow to the ground. The only safety gear I had on were a helmet and a pair of jeans. I had 3 little rocks embedded in my palm which I only found out a week later.


wow thats crazy, its funny how you ride a long time with all your gear on and you have no problems but the one time you want to leave some gear home is the one time you need it. Its always like this.