Your opinion about this weld

I did a mistake while spot welding and wanted to have your opinion about it. I was intending to spot weld the two nickel strips laying under each other together not thinking about the fact that it’s the positive side of the battery. On the left side you will see one single battery just to compare how close the positive and negative sides are to each other.

It smelled a bit like burned paper (like when you try to spot weld two nickel strips together that are laying on a piece of paper (it will burn through the paper). Overnight the voltage across the battery cell marked in orange was constant at 3.479 V so there is no short. What would you do, should I have a queasy feeling about it or am I good to go?

It looks like as if you have welded the strips very close to the negative terminal? It may be fine or not, who knows. Most likely burned the layers that are below. I would remove the 4 strips and start over.

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I think it might be okay. You used fish paper and there was a nickel strip below it to protect the cell and fish paper. Do you have some close-up pictures?

It seems like the the hole stops at the nickel strip below? If so I think its good :+1:

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Welds on positive are delicate. You must aim for the button only. If you weld outside It you are welding on thin air hence the hole. It’s ok as long as the nickel is not touching the sides(negative) check It out. I see you have used gaskets. Nice. If the borders are not burnt and the voltage is ok you are safe.

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I think I am good. I did a welding test with 2 nickel strips + gasket + another nickel strip and while the top layer of gasket burned a bit the other side remained untouched so that the nickel strip below didn’t stick.

Yeah you are fine. The gaskets protected the battery and the only issue is the weld isn’t as pretty as it could be.

Personally I would do it over. For peace of mind. Not worth the stress of never quite knowing whether its good. If there is anywhere you don’t cut corners its the battery. Make it perfect.