Yuneec E-go 2 Problems

Background The Yuneec E-Go 2 was the first Esk8 board I got due to how cheap it was. I’m a college student, so I wanted to look for a good commute board and went with the E-Go 2. For my first year though, I went to one of the branch campuses for college, so my E-Go 2 was not really used for a year. I made sure to store it properly for the year. When the time for a break came, I was planning to use the board, but the board wouldn’t turn on. Which I learned about the board’s BMS system, so I took a drill and ran a bit next to the wheel connected to the motor to jumpstart the board. I heard the beeps and saw the LED lit on the where the ECU was knowing it turn on. I plugged in the charger to charge it, the charger would show its red, but a minute or two later, it turned green. I went and tried turning the board on then, and the board still won’t turn on.

Question My question is, how much voltage does the ECU take in. I checked the output of the battery to be the correct ~22 volts, and I check the pin connectors of the ECU that connects to the battery when they are connected, and it only reads approximately 1 to 2 Volts. Is that correct?

TL;DR Went off to College. Jump started board after almost a year of inactivity. Board still will not turn. Not sure if ECU is issue or not. Need Help.

A year of inactivity??

Hehe just saying chances are this guy’s cells are dead

1-2v is flat

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Yeah. I didn’t bring the board with me when I went off to the branch campus for college.

Is there a way for me to check if they are dead? Do I just check the voltages across each cell bc I did that and got a voltage reading across each cell.

Might want to swap the battery

2v whole pack, assuming it’s 6s that would be 0.3v per cell

You can check voltage per every p group via the bms balance connector


You’ll need to swap the battery… .3v is pretty unacceptable in terms of “revival voltage” lol

Got it. My original assumption was the battery but I read some stuff making me think it was ECU, so thanks for the advice and help. I’ll check things out as soon as I can.

Hi All - Seeking someone who can repair a Yuneec E-Go board on Los Angeles. Happy to pay for your expertise to bring this board back to life. I have two handheld controllers and two VESC’s. The board was used twice and then sat for several years. Thanks, Chuck -