Yuneec E-Go Part Lot


I need to make some space, so here’s what I’ve got:

2x Yuneec E-Go Decks (Both used with some wear, but intact) ($50/Ea) 2x sets of Yuneec Wheels + Trucks (8 Wheels, 2 normal trucks, 2 Powered Trucks) ($100/4 Wheel Set) 1x Yuneec Charger ($50) 1x Dead Yuneec Battery (Needs new cells, BMS OK) ($20) 2x Remote (One in good condition, one thats beaten up but will work) ($50) 1x Working ECU ($100)

This would be sold as a single unit, shipped in the original Yuneec Box by FedEx. Shipping is about $20-30 USA.

I’m looking for about $550 USD for the lot. Shoot me a PM or reply here.

  • Ken

Price Lowered to $450.

I just want to get rid of these, someone give me a hand!

I’ll sell them as parts?

Are the parts still available?

Yep! Turns out the battery cells in the pack are at 24.34V so they’re not damaged. They need to be charged above 25.2V to get charged by the BMS though.

I’m really not interested in all but I would like to take a few things if your willing to. A bus ran over my board today and I need a new deck, battery enclosure and front truck. I got lucky

i can do that for ya.

Cool! How much? And how soon can you ship it?

Lemme get back to you tomorrow by PM.

how much for the battery? still 20$

I can respond to this pretty quickly. Turns out the cells are OK - 24.45V is low for a 7s system, but they need to be charged a little higher before the built in BMS can charge them.

I’l get back to you tomorrow

Ok thanks!

Hi KMeyerson,

Please let me know how to buy your yuneec EOG’s parts! You can also pm me! Thank you!

Just like that! I’ve got all of the parts.

Whats on your shopping list?

Sorry for lately reply. I need the dead battery also BMS board. Could you please PM me and left the email for communication. Many thanks!!

hello~~~~~~~ anybody here?


Sorry, I just got back to school life. I left the majority of my Yuneec EGo parts at home and only brought a partially stripped down Yuneec BMS.

Oh, it’s okay if no battery contained. How could I buy the BMS board?

The board is literally just a PCB and the resistors and capacitors. I used the TI-BQ chip for my own BMS and used the MOSFETs as well.

I don’t know what part you need to repair, but I can tell you what part you need.

any private contact information I could contact you? I just need the original BMS on yuneec EGO.