Yuneec ego ecu BRAND NEW and other ego parts

Just out of the box brand new ECU Asking 90$+ 4$shipping Reply or pm me If interested -Slightly used battery with cracked case -motor covers -board charger

hello, do you still have the Ecu? mine just died on me yesterday. i could use belt and motor cover too if you happen to have any of those parts. If so, is it possible to ship to europe? Spain specifically. Thank you, Filip.

Yes I still have the ecu and am willing to ship

Are you still interested?

You still have

Hey I’m interested in buying the parts that your have for sale

What parts do you need I have a few extra ego2 parts

What’s your number or Gmail inorder for me to contact you?

Do you still have the ECU for sale

Hey could you send my an invoice through PayPal

I can sell you an ecu with 10miles on it for $90+$4

Could you send me pics of it

I put an XT60 on it, I can put back an EC3 if you prefer

Belt, motor cover

Cool send me the invoice

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Do you also have the remote

I do, $120+4 with remote Fully functioning, no issues

@Highoffnature still interested?

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do you still have??