Yuneec ego for sale

I have a yuneec ego with less than 50 miles on it. It comes with an att iphone 4s as a remote control no icloud lock . I didn’t like the ego grip so I changed it to the camo other than that all stock. 600 obo. Send me a pm thanks.

i would like to buy this… please provide more information about it

Its a 400w eboard with a 29.4v 7.8 mah battery. Its advertised with a 13 mph top speed and an 18 mile range . I weigh 175 and got a top speed of 11 mph and a 13 mile range thats including hills. It has a very stable ride. Not sure what else you want to know. Anymore questions just let me know.

I would love to buy this, what is the price point at?

I’m not sure what you mean price point?

What is the price to buy this skateboard?

600 dollars USA free shipping North America