Yuneec ego help

Hello :slight_smile: I fried my ego today. 2 capasitors and one pcb are gone Maybe the motor as well but i dont know. So i wanted to know if anyone knows the type of pcb it is in this picture circuled:

So if i can buy the 3 parts seperated i will be at about 10€ max If i need to buy a new ESC it will be 100€ So its worth a try

And if its the motor too i would upgrade it I would buy a vesc and a motor and keep the ego battery cause its pretty good and nice.

Pls tell me all your thoughts about my idea :slight_smile: And maybe someone can help me with the pcb

Best regards Lukas

Now you have an excuse to go out and get a VESC! I don’t know much about the Yuneec ESC, Iv’e personally never seen it, but from the picture, those caps are gone. Best of luck!

The caps i cut off by my self cause thes are dead I can read them without a problem But i cant read the small pcb on the bottom of the pic I hope someone can help me with that little fucker :wink:

Hard to see and looks fried. Would advise to take a better pic (with microscope or some zoom lens)… otherwise try to look up someone else who has taken a photo of that yuneec esc and then try to tell what part is that…

Thats what this topic is for I allready looked under the microscope It is fried And there is no pic in the whole internet for this PCB

Ok too bad… I thought I saw someone who have taken photos… but I assume it was Acton Blink…

uh I would probably search youtube for someone who has reviewed the boards and knows how to open an enclosure…

Second option -

buy faulty esc - put an Ad or smth and hope that the part is still okay and that you can resolder it.

Cant anybody in this forum help me? ;((

guys please? ;(

I assume just look for ppl who have this board and ask them…

Probably most here are more concerned with diy builds and those who have yuneec are busy with something else.

@GreenF0X Have you tried to search around the forum? I think at least 2ppl should have one version of yuneec, not sure is it yours, but still

there is only one version from yuneec and im trying to find anyone with a yuneec board who can help me with the type of PCB but it seems like noone has one ;((( im so dissapointed

Sorry man. This forum mainly focuses on DIY, and while there are a few yuneec or boosted guys here, we tend to have mostly either DIY or prebuilt from fellow forum goers, such as enertion or Carvon. But I wish you luck and hope you find what you are looking for!

@GreenF0X Some people were selling yuneec ego parts a while back. Try contacting them. Just search yuneec ego parts for sale. Or just get a new ECU?

Hello Thanks for your help I tried to find an ecu but the only way i could get one is from yuneec directly The site you linked only shipps to us or canada And im from germany I wasnt able to find an ecu Just one broken yuneec is sold in ebay but this one also has a broken ecu

So probably the best option is to buy a new vesc and motor to upgrade my yuneec Or what do you think And if so: What vesc and where can i get one And which motor The yuneec original batteries are 8s so i think they are good enough And when i buy a vesc. What is the cheapest way to control it then? Smartphone or a cheap Ghz remote? Or is it possible to keep the yuneec remote?

Best regards

I think there are now e-go 2 model… but I assume you have the old type, with orange wheels n such.

Have you tried to contact some of the chinese companies which sell yuneec? Im not sure but perhaps some of them would be okay to send you the schematics / picture of the esc…

there is this site … though it will cost you more than original esc, to get an vesc from them :slight_smile:

Otherwise - search Vanda electronics or Axle Vesc… These seem to be somewhat reliable and also on a budget… though Vanda electronics is from Taiwan, as far as I remember, so the shipping price might be a bit steep, if you order just one vesc…


Probably go with 2.4ghz… have no tried phone control but I think some ppl have warned about different scenarios… like what happens if you hit a pothole… or your ride is not so easy and you accidentaly touch the screen etc…


I think it is not possible to easly keep the remote… you would need a receiver, which probably, is not a seperate part on the pcb… if it were, you could probably remove it and then connect it to the new esc/vesc… if it also uses PPM signal (just an assumtion that your board’s remote also has this type of control)

yeah there are two models but both have the same ESC

thank for the tip with the chinese companies i will try my luck there

and i will look for one of your mentioned VESC thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ok this one would i buy then

or are there smaller more practical ones wich dont cost more then 40€

best ragrds

Noone knows the pcb??