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Yuneec ego on the airplane

Does anyone have experience bringing a Yuneec ego on the plane?? Will it not pass security because of the battery? Can I just check the whole board as it is or do I have to remove that battery and carry it on. Thanks once again guys.

It is over the limit of 99wh but a few guys on the forum have brought huge batteries on planes. Just slap a 99wh sticker on it and you should be good to go.

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i know casey neistat flys with his boosted board all the time. looks like he checks it when he flys. dont know what more there is to it

The boosted board is 99wh though. It is legal. Yuneec ego isn’t.

Yeah I’ve seen guys on forums doing that. I think I’ll go print a sticker off. So if I put a sticker on it that says like 86 WH then I can just check it?

Just hope you don’t get asked about it.

If I check the skateboard in I’ll never be asked about it.

So are you saying I should carry just the battery on instead of just checking it?

No, you should definitely check it. @cmatson has done this. He could help a lot more than me.

@cmatson Checked his deck, but took his battery out as a carry on. It is a lot safer to take it as a carry on.

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Yeah I watch his videos he said he carried the battery on in his flight to Australia

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@cmatson sort of weird when you started uploading paintball vids I was just starting to play paintball and now you electric skateboard and I’m getting into that too. I liked your paintball vids do you still pb?

Yep, I still play, just mostly big scenario games just 3 or 4 times a year. Games wit 2,000+ people at places like Wayne’s world.

I’ve filmed them too, just haven’t had a chance to edit them and upload… It’s mostly just for fun now.

Haha I get more views and activity on the eboard videos anyways!

Yeah true your channel has kind of converted into e boarding. Id watch those paintball videos :wink:

I’ve never had a problem. Traveled to DC and Boston many times (even ridden it around the airport while carrying luggage). I’ve also taken it to UK and Japan. No issues.

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Did you check it in or carry it on? You were allowed to ride it around past security? Nice i should be good then. Thanks for your feed back.

Via Carry on as my personal item.

Okay thanks. Did you have it in a bag or just as is?

As is. Not space consuming at all.