Yuneec ego2 battery or bms

Hello looking for a yuneec ego2 battery or a BMS as my BMS has burnt up due to a gear change.

What do you mean by gear change? Have you cut the battery open to confirm the damage to the BMS?

I put a 29t gear and shorter belt ran it around the block twice and when I got back the BMS was fried . I opened the battery up and verified.

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I got a yuneec EGO bms for you! I recently upgraded my yuneec and had to use a 10s bms instead. Sensor and fuse still attached. I don’t need it. If you want it you pay shipping only. 20190820_122544 20190820_122606 20190820_122556 20190820_122620

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That’s lit. Sure how do you want to do it?


@SkateYS What did you do to upgrade it?

If @Bakack passes, I’d definitely like to get this from you.

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he said 10S, more voltage = more speeeeed!

@a13xr3 wonder if it would fry the wax or motor?

*esc …:slight_smile:

Yup! More voltage more speed! But higher voltage will fry the ESC (SCU), the motor will also be overloaded. So new motor and ESC required!

Upgraded to 10s, changed the motor to Sk3 6374 mm 192kv using Torque board motor mount, also had to replace the rear truck. Replaced the ESC with a focbox (using meepo esc enclosure) and a 2.4gh controller. ~ 28mph

And at such a moment you had better sold the ego and go full diy :joy::sweat_smile:

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Yeah! But I had those parts laying around getting dusty :rofl::joy: Did upgrades to all my pre-built boards! DIY 4 life homie!:sunglasses:

Haha cool. I had just the same. Had bought that yuneec for 50 euro with broken battery. Dropped a new battery with bms in it. But 20km/h is so fucking slow. So swapped everything out and drop it just on the shelf

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That’s wassup!


Do you still have this BMS? Can you send international to Brazil?


Hi! Sorry I already gave it away

It was a year ago.