Yuneec Motor problem? HELP!

Hello all

I have a Yuneec the old model. i am going to upgrade it with a new VESC - Motor Controller but… i haven’t got it yet

When i am driving my motor got so hot that it shut the board off. , the first time it happened there came smoke out the motor, so i need to know if i need to buy a new motor now as well, or there are a way to fix it?

when i have disabled every part , and re-plug the power to the original vesc the board turn on and everything worked again, but still the motor gets totally burning hot when driving like 2 km and shuts everything off again and same storry, Whats happening?.. I am going to bug test some more when it cools down .

The vesc and battery is not hot at all.

(I think i maybe have plunged the cable from the vesc to motor wrong in, but if thats was the case it have worked like a long time)

Any help i can get will be helpful, i am new to E-skateboards thx

If there is smoke there is a short on the winding. Get a new motor. I have a yuneec motor and wish to replace it but i think the mounting bolt pattern is not standard. Yuneec measures 24mm center to center and standard is 20mm apparently.

Hmm i need to study that. , But how can the motor still work kinda ? when it shuts off its is braking alle the time also when cables unplugged

If it is breaking when unplugged there is definitely a short.

sorry my bad english , but what is a short in the motor … can it be fixed if i can? can i deteacth the motor completely and fix ?

last time i turnd the wheel forward and backward and at some point it stopped braking all the time

okay now there is coming smoke in the start when i it turns around when giving gas , like max gas is 9 km /t now

now it stopped again

It means the insulatoin of two of the phases had bekcme damaged and they make contact where they should not.

I think it is not fixable(You could rewind the motor but that is not really an option).

Thx i will buy a new when i have tryout taking it apart ,

and i need to try this as well

where are you from @kaiser

Denmark :slight_smile:

Interesting concept, increasing the magnetic fiels by just attaching a magnet on the can. However this won’t work on outrunnera as the can itself rotates and the stator is on the inside.