Zac-A-Roo | Z-Flex 76 | Paris Trucks | 6374 APS | APS Mount | 6S | VESC

Hi Everyone,

I have almost finished my first electric longboard, named after my Son Zach and a kangaroo :slight_smile:

To start with I did lots of reading on the forum and bought a board off gumtree for $45. I have always liked the look of pintail boards but I may change the board as theres not much room for my foot at the back.


Z-flex 76 38"(I think) pintail board

Z-flex Paris trucks (hard work will go with caliber trucks next time)

Alien Power Systems 170kv 6374 Motor

APS mount with 15mm pulley adapter kit (I bought the mount used from @Pathaim :clap: )

Foxtech 6S 5000ma hard case lipo

VESC (Generic one off eBay)

Alien Power Systems 2.4ghz remote

Alien Power Systems 83mm wheels

Abec 11 bearings

I recently went over to the UK on holiday and I was staying close to the Alien Power Systems workshop. I emailed Bruno from APS and he said I could come and buy the stuff I needed direct from him.

When I arrived there was heaps of electric skateboard stuff and I bought loads of stuff.

Bruno told me what stuff he recommended and seeing as I was going single motor he recommended the 6374 170kv. This was the first time I had seen a brushless motor, I was surprised at how big they are !

Bruno was very helpful and I would definately go back there again.

When I arrived back in Australia I got to work on mounting the motor and mount to the skateboard, I removed a bit of material to help the mount slide on better to the truck. The hardest bit was mounting the pulley to the shaft. I fitted the keyway but couldn’t get it out and the pulley would not go over the shaft and spindle. I filed off a bit of the keyway and the pulley eventually squeezed on.

Next I fitted the pulley to the wheel. This was pretty straightforward just need to make sure the belt lines up straight with the motor. This was a pain in the arse I reckon I will just get caliber style trucks next time :slight_smile:

I soldered the xt60 connectors to the battery and the VESC. Hardest part of the whole build was soldering these little buggers ! I can solder most things but it took me ages to get them finished :frowning:

Once the xt60’s were soldered I loaded up the BLDC tool on my Mac. I wanted to use the custom firmware from this site but it appears to be Windows only.

I tested the remote with the BLDC tool and adjusted the parameters accordingly.

Once programmed, I removed the usb cable and tested the board on a 3S battery.

My VESC wasn’t heat shrinked so I bought a small component box from Jaycar used for making DIY remote controls. It fitted the vesc really well after a bit of dremeling. Its quite slimline and discrete which is what I wanted.

I drilled two holes in the front of the deck and put a bolt on each. I then placed some double sided velcro tape over the bolt and secured it with a large washer and nut. I dremeled the nuts and bolts so they were smooth and covered them with electrical tape.

I taped the receiver and the motor wires to the deck. I ‘will’ make a better receiver mount soon.

I took the board out for its first run before. It took me all day to get it ready and I think its nearly there.

Next job is to fit a power switch, Its really hard connecting and disconnecting a xt60 switch. I have an xt90 anti-spark but I might just stump up the extra for the vedder switch kit.

I drove the board all around my local neighborhood, awesome ! bit too fast too be honest. I would like a bit slower and regular acceleration.

Also I might change the board to my other board, a landyachtz wolf shark. Its a lot wider than the Z-flex and feels more stable.

I am also going to upgrade the battery to 9S when my series adapter arrives. I cannot face doing another xt60 soldering job :joy:


i am jelly, it looks amazing, the 6374 is a beast

How’s the remote? First time I’ve seen someone use it.

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Sweet build! I love the VESC enclosure. It’s real minimal and matches the hard case of the battery. You gotta love Velcro strips am I right? Thanks for sharing, it will help me with my build. Now only if Enertion will hurry up and send me my controller! They’re backed up and it feels like forever.

I like the aps remote. It’s the only one I have used but I have no complaints :+1:

It’s rubber gripped so good to hold and it’s quite small in the hand. There’s a rechargeable battery which I charge with a micro USB. There’s also a button for using the other channel, eventually I will add some lights on the board using this.

I added a xt90 switch to the board yesterday. I needed a switch, I was cringing every time I plugged the lipo in !

I soldered a male xt60 and a female xt60 to a female Xt90 plug. I then added some epoxy putty to the joint so it holds it all together as one.

I then placed the switch and the vesc inc receiver into a bigger box. I put some more epoxy around the holes where the xt60 and xt90 poke out. It’s now very secure :+1:

I love the double sided Velcro on the board :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really like the bigger grey box that you used! What is it?

Its just a generic project box from Jaycar electronics in Australia mate. They had loads of different types I just took my vesc and anti-spark thingie there andtried a couple out.

I am going to add a voltage meter to the box next. I added a mini-usb cable to it yesterday so I don’t have to disassemble the box to program the vesc.

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