ZBoard 2 Pearl for sale

Took delivery of a ZBoard 2 Pearl I backed on Indiegogo, but since backing I started building my own boards and have no need for another.

Tried it out for about 10km. Works great! See their website for specifics. ZBoard 2 Pearl Edition

List price is $1499 US. I’ll let it go for $1000…buyer pays shipping. Located in Canada.

That is a beautiful board

It really is. ZBoard did a great job on this one but I just don’t have room to keep it. It’s almost time to sell some of my spare parts too.

Did you sell it yet?

If its still available. I would buy it.

I have not sold it yet. I have been out of the country for a couple weeks.

Board is still available.

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I will pay 350 for it.

Thanks for the offer. No thanks.

:joy:Well, it was worth a try! Sorry for the lowball offer, I don’t have much of a budget. I might check back with you in 4months though when I have the money.

No sweat. I hope to sell it before then but you never know.


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What’s it like riding a board with no remote?

Took a few Km to get used to it, but started to feel “normal” after awhile.

The board itself is really nice. The foot pads modulate speed by the amount of pressure you put on them. They have decent sensitivity. The brakes are favoured by the firmware so you can sort of leave your front foot over the front pad and pivot your back foot to hit the brakes when you need them.

I think my biggest reservation with the board is the braking. I’d be afraid my foot wouldn’t be close enough to the brake pad if anything sudden happened

The pads are pretty big. I find the most natural stance is to have my rear foot right in front of the pad. When I need to brake I just pivot my foot and my heel is right over the pad.

Would you consider $500

Yeh, but how sudden are you going to brake, anyways? I like the idea A LOT although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. This or stress sensors on the front truck.

No, but thank you for the offer. If you are serious about wanting one you can PM me and we can discuss it.

Hi, still for sale? Im interested but in UK…take $600


Yes it’s still for sale. Still only about 10km on it. $800US plus shipping is my bottom line. That’s a great deal.

Let me know!


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