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Zboard Electric Skateboard


I bought one of the original ones off craigslist. Biggest problem with foot control like that (at least with the one i had) is that its relatively difficult to keep your foot pressing down on the pad when you are turning (particularly heelside turns). also, having to adjust your stance to brake means its harder to stop suddenly. Overall its an interesting idea, but in practice its questionable…

I don’t feel good shifting around on a board when moving…Slow speeds…ok…but anything like a hustle is doomed in the end with a crash

Well I backed it over a year ago before I knew that DIY ESk8 was a thing.
After the February delay I decided to make my own and couldn’t be happier. When I get it I’ll let you all know what it’s like. Should be about another month now. I might have my own second build done by then. Ha!:smile:

how much was it to back one? I actually thought about doing a pedal switch for my first build but it ended up being too impractical haha

I backed it early it was like $900
But still have to pay for shipping

So you still don’t have it? How long ago was that?

Have you seen @lowGuido’s video abt his hack ?

The push assist cruse control?
Yep, I saw it
Love it!

Backed it Jan 2015
Hopefully get next month
But like I said the delay taught me about this hobby and I built my own now so not all bad