Zealot remote looses connection and puts on the brakes!

Why, and how could they let this happen. I’ve posted on the other forum about this but wanted hear if anyone else has had the same experience? BTW it doesn’t just shut down and feel like it brakes, it fucking brakes? happened to me many times even at speeds under 20, one time going like 12 mph, totally throws you, no way anyone could stay on it. It’s frustrating and put me in a bloody mess many times, ripped meniscus, etc. I’m building my own board now, how to I make sure this could never happen to me on my own build?

Hobby wing escs. They actually have something called auto brake when no ppm signal are found. Its very annoying. That’s why people changes that esc to a programmable one. It sucks that it happens to you. Just don’t use hobbywing escs and You’ll be good.

Get yourself a makerx esc and You’ll never suffer from that issue.

thanks man! was looking for someone that could pin point the problem. I already bought a stormcore 60D for my build. one other question. Is it possible to get a new esc for the zealot? I take it it is, you just need to get one compatible with the 12s2P 21700 that comes in the zealot, right? I haven’t heard of the makerX before? Also, the BMS on the zealot battery…no idea what it is, but assuming it can’t send a signal telling the esc, even new one to brake? correct?

If you have brought a 60D, you’re good. You don’t need to check out the makerx. Now, about getting a new esc. You can switch the esc that’s in the zealot with the stormcore. You just have to run the set up for it. As to the whole battery thing, you have to know what battery is being used. Do you know your discharge amps for your battery and what kind of battery the zealot uses (battery brand, not just specs)? This will help with vesctool setup.

My recommendation would be to bypass the bms and remove the negative wire from the bms and just solder it on the negative side of the pack instead and just make it a charge only bms. If you don’t do this and your esc takes too much amps from the battery, the bms will shut down the esc and you will get into a lot of accidents… it happened to me before but my bms broke.

The bms is basically your “how much amp can be pulled and returned”. You can bypass this by my above statement. Its not the same as putting a brake on you, but rather, when your esc takes too much, it will just shut off power. That’s equally dangerous.