Zero 11x scooter 72V

Hello, Sorry for my question. I have electric scooter zero x11. Max speed 110km/ h . Battery 72 V 26 ah . Dual motor 2 x 1600 W. Is it possible to make regen braking with vesc tools in this model? Thank You.

wtf 110km/h are you allowed to go that fast where you live?

Until no one catches me :smiley: I’m trying to drive off the road. I ride on dirt roads. I can send to you a video.

What Do You think about this scooter and trampa vesc tools?

So you are telling me that with a toasters worth of wattage you can go 110km/h?

you would need 9000w minimum to even get close. you’d be lucky to go 70 with that.

Peak power is 6000W. I have video of driving. I am 85 kg. My top speed was 92 km/h.

It is road speed meter. It was windy weather. Not top speed.

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easily overtaking petrol motorcycles

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Number 3. Photo about 60 km/h

I don’t want to talk about true it here. I need to know if is it possible to install vesc in this scooter.

US Government technology confirmed.

where are you hiding the plutonium?

yes you just need a battery a motor that uses phase wires and possibly change up the connectors on the throttle input to fit.

When I get a good american BIG mac.(where are you hiding the plutonium?)

Throttle is hall system

2 x motor

1 x battery

Later I will make parallel with 35 ah battery

75V or 100 V …because full charging is 84 V.

Whats the total battery pack output (wattage)