Zippy Lipos for sale (SOLD)

Have 6 Zippy Compact Lipos for sale. They are 6s/5000 25C $20 ea. USA shipping included Or buy all 6 for $100 shipped USA Some packs are a little swollen but All packs have just been tested with Turnigy Internal resistance meter. Internal resistance is less than 5 miliohms per cell on every pack.

That is a good information! I am not interessted but it would be nice if you could provide some information about how often you have charged them. Other ppl can estimate their lifespan which seems pretty good (5 milliohms).

I would be happy to give that info if I had it. Unfortunately I have not kept a log of charges and discharges. I did use them in 2p sets at 12s and had 3 set to cycle through with 1 eboard.