Zombie motors - Slick Revolution Dual Max

Zombie motors - Slick Revolution Dual Max Hi guys,

I was hoping for some input into what you may think might be going on with my board.

So I just finished charging the board. Without the controller turned on (as usual) I turn on the board and the motors kick in to full speed without any inout from myself or the controller, which is still turned off. When I turn on and pair the controller however, the motors stop and I can controller acceleration/braking as usual. If I repeat the process, the board always powers on with motors going full blast.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

p.s. see link to video for further explanation … Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwq5mXbPjMdnTUZxOS0tbFM3VFU

Seems like the esc isnt getting a reading from the receiver since the remote is off so it goes full throttle. What esc is inside the board?

Try turning the remote on first and see what happens

Sounds like not correct failsafe to me. What happens if u disconnect remote after it has been connected / turned on? Otherwise might be something else as ive dont have thst.much time now to go into details about this

The issue doesn’t happen when the controller is switched on first. Also, if I turn on controller when the issue is occuring, the motors stop and act as normal(respond to controller input only)

Also worth noting I think: when I turn on the board, without controller on, and manually spin the wheels a little by hand - the motors kick in and accelerate. Again, I’m new to e-boards so I really do appreciate the help from you guys :+1:

2 more videos I made to illustrate further:



Seems like the feature on heli escs for when they lose connection they accelerate to full throttle. TBH I don’t really know how this could be solved I would just suggest turning on the remote first then the board. Maybe even contact the manufacturer a see if there is a broken part or if they know how to solve the issue

I just watched the videos and it truly is a mystery. I’ve got know idea how that happens all I know is the esc is accelerating because it must thing it is getting a higher pulse from the receiver. The wheels turning thing tho is very weird

Yes it’s definitely weird. I have contacted Slick Revolutions, just waiting on their reply, only bought it a week ago(no issues until now after about a dozen rides, sucks big time and the previous owner had the motors replaced recently also. I should be able to get a replacement board this stage, I reckon ? I’ve pretty much lost faith in this one now. Do you think it’s safe to ride?

Sounds like the fail safe is not set on the remote

How can I fix that?