Zoom! | Dual 6374 190kv | 12s5p 30q's | Evolve AT Wheels |

Welp here it is. Zoom! “you cant lock up the darkness”

This is my first build. it took me about a 2 months to get everything and put together. had a few issues with learning how to adjust the settings in the focboxs. got a good solid 2 months of riding before i started having some issues with anti spark switches and now im waiting to try out the flipsky dual 6.6 esc. pretty excited for that. I wanted this board to be able to have swappable wheels but i love the pneumatics and havent bothered with urethanes yet. maybe next year ill get some popocas or some similar 90mms.

specs/parts list. 12s5p 30q From @psychotiller dual 6376 190kv maytech motors 218mm TB trucks with caliber 2 base plates Evolve At wheel kit all mounted to a 42in ebay drop-through (might upgrade this over winter)

IMG_20180426_205127_038 20180507_223725 20180426_20022220180426_20021720180507_200641 20180517_17514520180727_16591620180517_175133 IMG_20180604_202835_801

Thanks for looking.


How’s the range?

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20-25 miles seems about the average max for me. i tend to ride a bit fast.

And how is the acceleration and top speed?

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acceleration is fantastic! this thing pulls so hard. ive only been able to hit 35.7mph which isnt too shabby i think shes got a little more in her.

Dude I think this might be the most perfect deck ever for an at setup on longboard trucks. Double drop so you aren’t Too high off the ground with pneumatics and a sweet ass shape. I’m surprised it’s from eBay. Dou you have a link to it?


This looks frickin niceee, great job on the build and love the almost all black theme.

Ps I edited the title a tiny bit Idk if it tells you that or not, I just added a space to stop confusion

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Thanks! I don’t have the link im sorry. I got it from the seller decoysupply. The board feels really good under my feet. I did have to trim it a bit to eliminate wheel bite

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Thanks! I appreciate that.

Very nice build running the same tyre and love it so smooth an stable. What pressure are you using?

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Once i figured out how to get rid of the bearing clacking i had from the fronts i really do like these wheels. Im running then at the suggested 50psi.

666 workout calories…Lord Skatan would be proud


Love the name and build. Watch out for flash!

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Did you have any issues installing evolve AT wheels on TB trucks?

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I had to switch out the rear bearing on thr evolve wheel pully for a regular skate bearing. Also the rear truck hangers had to be trimmed 10 mills on each side. As forv the fronts they require a spacer. I used some sort of rolled steel spacer from the hardware store


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got my flipsky dual 6.6 vesc in and up and running. testing will happen tomorrow once i figure out what to do with these ultra long phase wires.42204389_269685460340682_1164932548153835520_n

make sure to insulate those phase lead wires

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How did the test of the dual flipsky 6 go??

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This thing works really well. No isses so far but i haven’t been able to ride much since its been raining nonstop

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