1.4 Anti spark switch

Today I received my antispark switch from @DeathCookies, works great. I soldered it up added a led switch and it works like a charm. While his price was great and the parts labeled perfectly I’m in need of 100 more and there is no room for someone else’s margins. My questiom now if I make these, do I donate to vedder and how much do you think is appropriate?

How much are deathcookies switches?

If I remember correctly 28€.

If you are donating please Credit all people who have contributed:

  • Jeremy Harris (original idea)
  • Fechter (redesigning The idea)
  • Vedder (redesigning The board)

It is a pitty that everyone, Lets say The most, thinks that the switch was invented by vedder on his own…

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Its a super simple circuit that was designed in 20th century. Basically it’s mosfet as a switch. There is just an addition for the light and stupid car fuse. Why would anyone give credit / donation for something as generic as this? You can even find very similar circuits in some datasheets ( example applications section ) or you can design your own in 15-20 minutes.

I understand it for products like VESC, but for something like that? Really?


If you really need 100 go to a manufacturer like Vanda electronics or something, i guess it is a generic item but i think vedder would still appreciate a minimal donation

Vanda Electronics probably wouldn’t be a good place to get these made. They specialise in VESCs. A good place would be MacroFab

Hello lox897,

This is Karen from Vanda Electronics. We offer more than just VESCs. We are making PCBA for electronic/automatic/medical/EV industries…etc for many years. Due to signing NDA with customers, we don’t reveal detail info. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project.

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Hi Karen, I was unaware. Thanks for clearing that up!

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You’re very welcome!

Karen what is the cost of a VESC? do you stock them?

Hello Eboosted,

USD98 for VESC. USD110 for VESC with custom cables.

Yes, we do stock VESC. Please visit our website for more detail info. Thank you.

I’m not interested in buying these from anyone as I’ve been trying to make as many parts as I can myself. Question: I’ve ordered 200pcb’s of chaka improved sparkswitch pcb. And wouldnt you know the one I had failed open today :smile:. So my question now should I add heatsinks to the fets to increase cooling and hope that helps or did I just waste money?

@Shogu12 So does he have a proper pad for sinking the heat?

I wonder how much of ‘‘conductive’’ material there is on the pcb… to cool down the mosfet…

Definately interested in making one of these, too… Do you know about how much does it cost to order 5pcbs locally? I would just want to figure out the basic pricing of such service… otherwise just as well order the pcb’s from china… I’ve hard ppl have done this before.

6 cost 20$ on oshpark. I’ve added a heatsink to the back of the board and now it seems to work fine.

Ok cool, thanks for the info! 20 bucks does not sound bad at all… so next thing is - where to find some fets under 20$… :smiley: I wonder is it possible to scavange some out of some power electronics… like power supplies etc…

Honestly just order them from mouser all in all it is like 10$ per switch… the headache of fixing one when it fails is worse than spending an extra 5$ on fets instead of using used/old/wrong ones.

mh, 10$ does sound great… I dont want to spend 30-40$ just for a ‘‘switch’’ so I might as well order some pcb’s and get the rest of components…

I’ve got a simple dc switch now… but im not sure how long will it hold up… and either does it add extra resistance or not… Though, im using 6s li-ion, so voltage is only about 24v max

Its not the 24V that will make your switch fail but the A that will make it so hot it will solder together. The sparkswitch with a proper heatsink can handle 80A…well mine does anyways. If someone asks for a quad setup I’ll probably add a 12v fan on the heatsink. I ride dual turningy 6364 260kv on 14s8p lifepo4 battery with 97mm wheels 32t wheel pulley and 15t motor pulley.

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