1 Colorado esk8rs

Not trying to plan an event or anything. Just figured this the appropriate pot. I mean spot. So where are you at? Living in Aurora I don’t see many e boards. Except for the boosted board I saw, ran down, passed, and then chatted with the guy. Btw, single belt drive liftboard. Definitely not pretty but she gets me back and forth to work with a problem here or there. Just tonight I soldered two phase wires back into the connectors. But all in all she’s a good board.

I also have a Genesis Hellfire that I fried the esc on. Hopefully the dual flipsky 4.20 I’m waiting on will help with that. Also upgrading the 10s2 to a 10s4. Ghetto vacuuming my enclosure.

But the full diy board… Acquiring parts constantly. I have several decks of my own to choose from so that’s been an ongoing decision lol. Top mounts, drop downs, drop throughs, both in one, flexy, no flexy, short, long… I love skateboards btw lol.

Currently looking for a pair of motor mounts. Hoping the old school mtb trucks and the dual 6374 flux drive 190kv motors that I’m acquiring from @Skunk will fit side by side to push it. The dual flipsky I’m getting will then be applied to the diy. Thinking about the Gt2b with one of the printable mods. Its still in the design stages but parts are coming sooner than I planned :rofl.

So with all that said, where are all the Colorado esk8rs? Lets meet up. Share stories, ideas, colab together, whatever. Its just not shibby riding around by myself all the time.

Mista J