1 year with the Raptor (write up, pictures, videos)

So I had a constant compagnion in the Raptor for a year. I accumulated well over 2500km on it and thus think I can give Enertion and you guys a feedback only a few can. I will shortly write up the most important points to me but will go more into detail in a Video.

The good: I put it through everything, the longer I had and drove it, the less attention I payed to where I was going and my driving style became more egoistic in a way. I no longer had in mind what is good or bad for the board I just drove the way I wanted to. Safe to say the Raptor handeld everything, From steep mountains (switzerland) to long donwhill stretches to bumpy roads. I could go on and on about different experiences or rides etc. but in the end there is only 1 thing to say:" DAMN Enertion (Jason) this thing is reliable as hell." I dont know if I was lucky or why exactly but after I set everything up to my liking almost 10 months ago I never had a single failure of any component. Of course there is the expected wear and tare on the body, the motor housing, the belts, the wheels and the battery loosing capacity but other than that this thing is awesome in every way. I am not saying its the best, the fastest or the coolest thing ever. All I am saying is that I never thought that a prebuilt E-board would handle my DAILY rides for this long. I could use it as a reliable alternativ to my bus journey everyday to university and back. In the summer, in autumn and also in winter (given there was no snow). And that is the most important thing for me. I do not have the finacial luxury to cconstantly buy new parts, pay for servie or for a new board even (# student life). So I coulnd’t be more happier the way this thing endured everything. I was and still am a very ambitious donwhill longboarder but bad health and a heavier workload made it impossible to enjoy this hobby as often as I did for years. So for me to be able to combine travel with something I enjoy so much (skateboarding) is freaking amazing to me.

The bad: What is there that is actually bad. The long waiting period to get the raptor is to long ago to be even considered here. So there is actually nothing objectivly bad or wrong with this board. The only things I could write up as something that would categorise as bad is the needs the Raptor cannot fulfill for me. That is on the one hand speed: Yes the Raptor is fast considering the other alternatives but I start to get this tingling sensation speed can give you at aroung 80km/h / 50mph. This feeling is very well known to me from conventional downwhill and is intoxicating and also addicting. So I would love for the board to be alot faster ( I am familiar with the issues that this would create). The other thing is range. Again compared to the other alternatives the Raptor has a fairly decent range but, I would love to be able to spend a few hours riding not just one. Though I have to say that in terms of actual perfomance to advertised speccs there is absolutely nothing it didn’t hold that was promised.

PS: I got a ton of fotage of beautiful rides, beautiful landscapes and a few very gnarrly situations. I will try to upload that as well once I get around to doing it. (excuse my grammar)

Video(s) coming soon_tm_

A few Impressions to give you a hint what the Video will contain:

Raw uncut footage (will be partially used) - Video


Awesome! Cool write up

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Cant wait for more footage. Keep posting them. Nohing better than being able to bomb up hills without pushing. Love how drivers have no idea of people on boards even when they are pulling out of a car space and should be looking at what they are doing.

As for the speed. Theres nothing really that can match the R1 until the R2 comes out, Enjoy.

Thx @Dedbny. Well yeah, cars often underestimate you as a rider. And no matter how fast you drive, they somehow feel the need to overtake you, even when you are well over 50kmh/h in a downhill sloap. Well the R1 surely was the best buy I could have made back then. But my carvon build blows it out of the water. And yes R2 seems very intresting will have to relay on reviews since my student budget doesn’t allow for such purchases atm. 2 videos are in the making, one a simpel update about the Raptor and a second one about e-boarding in general, tipps, tricks etc.