10 minutes on 12s4p dual mechanical 6355/190 [SOLD]

Rode for (a very fun) 10 mins before enclose snapped off the bolts and I hurt my back. DIY is not for me. My loss is your gain.

Located in DC. Trying to sell as complete ‘all or nothing’ starting at $1k OBO + shipping as needed. Comes with remote, quick charger. Pretty much new. All parts were new until I rode for the first time tonight. All @torqueboards parts. Longboard Larry Chupacabra kicktail. Reds bearing. Orangoutang bushings. Enclosure is busted up as you can see in photos.

Locals are welcome to come to my place and view/test; others feel free to ask for photos / additional details. Well over $2k deep but still motivated to unload this mistake. All receipts available.


just curious, how did the enclosure get damaged?

weight of the battery I guess. Perhaps I set it down too hard - used to my push longboard.

I actually didn’t even know it was snapped until after I stopped riding b/c two of the bolts stayed attached so nothing was drug across the ground.

Where u located?

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I’m sorry about your injury and losing faith in diy.

I’d venture a guess the battery was just sitting in the enclosure, right? the weight of the battery probably was too heavy for the enclosure mounting holes to carry.

to mitigate this many of us are actually binding the parts to the deck first using velcro or something of its kind. then just using the enclosure to protect the parts as a cowl of sorts.

$1000+ shipping is a great price for the complete set, I bet someone will jump on it quickly.

maybe another option would be to have one of the more experienced builders, preferably close to DC area, to put it together for you and try one more time?

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yeah it came with velcro straps but forgot to put’em on.

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Why not just buy a new enclousure and carry on?

I’m over the tinkering. Too many other things going on. But mostly b/c I realized that my chronic back injury cannot afford an abrupt stop at these speeds.

Oh man, that really sucks. If it doesn’t sell maybe just leave it alone for a month or two then come back and try it again, with some more patience. The back injury is a different story though. Maybe you could ride with a brace or something of the sort? ESK8 is really an amazing way of commuting so I want as many people as possible to build and ride their boards. Good luck!

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That sucks, but it shouldn’t put you off. I’d honestly just lower your top speed and learn to ride safely. Just because you can go 30mph doesn’t mean you have to.

But yes, that pack comes with velcro straps, I would have used them. That enclosure also comes with shitty mounting hardware. I would never have even considered using them. Also that enclosure is very prone to snapping at the mount holes. There are ways to mitigate, but it does require tinkering.

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I know somebody in DC Im helping put together a build, this might suit him just fine,he was aiming for a cf deck though, I won’t be able to talk to him till Sunday cause of the Jewish holidays. He would almost certainly take battery,vescs,motor,mounts,trucks,charger(everything minus deck/wheels)


Can i claim the trucks and mounts?

I’d buy it all from you message me

sent you a PM, Matt

This is just a guess but maybe a reason it broke is because it’s the older version so it had added weight with USB ports and maybe a bigger BMS which also might add wait

I’ve always been scared of this with Dexters thin brittle enclosures…I’ve always used washers to disperse the force holding the enclosure down and knock on wood I’ve had no issues

The one that I just got seems pretty good Also I hammered the part that goes on the grip tape into the deck so that should help Knock on wood

you actually used his tiny little inserts?