10 minutes out of batteries

I just finished my electric skateboard and tested it yesterday. It was a lot of fun until my battery ran out. I have 2 3s batteries and 1 2s battery. I went back inside to check the voltage on the cells and found out that on my 2s battery the voltage is 3.7. One of my 3s batteries had 3.4v on each cell. The other 3s battery cell number one had 2.96v cell number 2 had 3.31v and cell number 3 had 3.28v.

here are my settings.

Does anybody know how my cell went down to 2.96v. my 2s battery used to be a 3s but one cell died. I hope somebody can help me before i lose another cell :joy:

Can you verify the voltage with a meter? One of the cells has to be shorted to have a lower than expected voltage and the pack is pretty much useless if that is the case.

What batteries are they? Seems the cells are not very well matched in the packs or they’ve taken some damage. Shouldn’t see that big a difference in voltage.

Seems you have a slightly too low cut-off at 3.2v/cell, shoudn’t really set it lower than 3.4v/cell, or 3.6 to maximize life out of the packs.