10 Tips to Make Electric skateboard Riding More Fun!

Riding an electric scooter has to be one of the most fun and exhilarating things I do every day. Once I learned how to take it anywhere, I never wanted to walk or ride a bike again! In today’s fast-moving world, it’s not fashionable to slow down, so I started walking around. It makes commuting to school or work very busy and saves me a lot of time. But what can you do to make it more fun than before?


It’s no secret that brisk walking causes the hair to bulge at the back of the neck. Everything about speed, fun and danger is mixed in this huge, violent cocktail. They work together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you want to make the electric board more exciting, please raise the throttle on the remote control. Change gears to the maximum available speed. Like those motorcycles you see hurtling at it on the freeway, fighter jets that break the sound barrier, or accelerate to 100 miles per hour in 0.8 seconds, they all live for excitement. So, speed your boards forward and don’t be afraid to test the limits!

Forget safety and harm and make yourself have a memorable time!Just kidding. If you do release the plank, make sure you’re using the correct safety equipment. Falling is possible no matter how careful you are. Keep an eye out for any obstacles and keep the road ahead clear. By following these rules, you can open the Speedy Gonzales inside.

Know your board

If you want to enjoy an electric board, you must know how the board works. Each board is made by a different company and brand. Each brand has its own purpose when creating a board. If the board offers flexible composite decks, use it! The electric longboard is flexible and helps you maneuver like a wild animal, which I’ll talk about later. The flexibility also makes it more comfortable to ride, so you can usually ride for longer without feeling those pesky vibrations in your feet like a stiff deck. Knowing the pros and cons and limitations of the board will make it fun and allow you to appreciate it even more when you’re out on the street

Carve it up

Sculpting is the most popular form of riding for many professionals. Sculpting is all about learning the natural flow of wood boards and using it to make crazy inward and outward turns, often resulting in patterns. When turning, push your toes down towards your toes or your heels hard (depending on the direction of the turn). It gets its name because it makes you feel like you’re “carving” a line into the ground.

It’s a very interesting experience, because it makes you feel like you’ve never had control of the board before. It’s not just more fun than riding an electric scooter in a straight line.

I believe that the sculpting power of an electric board is much better than that of a regular board, because you can control the board better and increase the speed of a dime without having to step on the foot manually. If you want to learn to sculpt, I highly recommend you watch the following video: This video teaches you how to sculpt specifically on an electric skateboard.

Practice makes perfect

When you step on your first electric board, you may have difficulty balancing and may fall down. It’s no secret that no matter what you do, especially beginners, you have to learn something. The same is true for your electronic skateboarder. Enjoying the electric board means you have to get better at riding.

Ride the board as much as you can and make mistakes! Yeah, I told you it’s okay. This is how you learn and get better.

Try new things, tricks, tricks, and learn from the experts. Go online and find out how to ride a bike. Put the weight on the front foot, but put more weight in front of the board. This will give you more control over corners and help prevent speed fluctuations. Practice also helps develop muscle memory in the feet, legs and ankles, which improves cycling. Keep practicing and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your riding even more!

location, location, location

Where you ride your bike and what road you take can change everything. This is something I was talking about when I was riding my scooter on campus. Ride an electric scooter in a scenic area! Explore streets and areas you’ve never been to before. Adventure is about engaging yourself in something new, unusual and exciting. You can do the same on the next trip.

Ride to the beach and watch the sunset! Or go downtown at night and try to find something you’ve never found before. Adventure!!!

Riding an electric skateboard is not only about travel, but also about opening your mind to new experiences and new places, providing you with new perspectives. That’s what happiness is all about.

Friends with benefits

What could be better than riding an electric scooter alone?

Ride with your friends! Who says you can’t grab a few buddies and go for a ride on an electric scooter? Don’t your friends own one? Tell them to ride a bike. As we cycled around town together, I amazed you with the conversations and fun times I had with a few friends.

I’ve seen multiple YouTube accounts where riders grab a bunch of friends while riding and ride electric skateboards around NYC and VLOG. Everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves as they stroll around the street! So grab a few friends and go for a ride!


If you want to get the most out of your board, make sure it’s fully charged. It gives you better scope, but it also gives you better performance. After the battery is fully charged, the battery voltage will be higher, which means you will get better speed, hill climbing and power.

When your battery is low, the voltage drops, which means your performance suffers. Now, this may be different from a board of directors. Once the battery is below 50%, some scooters start to minimize their performance. This is to help save battery power. I believe my Ownboard Mini KT will continue to perform well until the battery is less than 10%. Having said that, it’s a good idea to charge when you ride home, and make sure to start using a fully charged battery the next day.

Take care of your board

Adding the right amount of gasoline to your car can make it run better. The same goes for your electric scooter. Your board may not run on gasoline, but it’s just as important to maintain air pressure and make sure it stays at its peak.

This means:

Avoid potholes and road obstacles that could damage the circuit board

Tighten the wheels and truck if necessary

Avoid over-tightening the parts of the circuit board

Clean debris and dust from wooden boards

Allow your battery to drain completely once in a while

Avoid extreme heat and cold

Do not completely immerse the board in water

Update the mainboard firmware if possible

Store your circuit boards in a dry, clean space (especially for long-term storage)

Do not throw or drop boards (they are heavy)

Repair faulty or damaged parts

Follow these tips and not only will your board last longer and be grateful for your care, but it will make riding a lot more fun.

Date or Spontaneously

If I haven’t ridden a scooter in a while, I decide to go on a date. I schedule a day of the week or a day of the month when I know I haven’t done anything, and please make that time my time with the board. Adventure!!!

Or do the opposite and allow yourself to explore spontaneously. If you’re not doing anything or feeling stressed, grab the board and ride. Nothing is more reassuring than shopping in the neighborhood. You will thank me for my advice later.

Sunny days are best

There is no doubt that a sunny day is the best. Let the weather be your friend, not your enemy. Riding an electric board in the rain is no fun, riding in snow and ice is just dangerous. Check the weather before you leave the office to go to work, school or choose a destination. When you’re sitting on a board, you don’t want to get trapped by snow or thunderstorms. Even though many boards are waterproof, if possible, they are sometimes better driven.

Weather can make a big difference, so you should try to ride in sunny and warm weather conditions. There is nothing like walking on a sunny day while you walk on a sunny day. Cheers! And happy glide! get more info


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