$100 onan x1 4wd (Ghettosled)

image image image Ghettosled Deck - Unknown style maple downhill longboard Trucks- 2x Onan X1 board boosters Motors- 4x 500w hub motors (original) Batteries- 2x 10s2p Samsung icr18650 22p

Hey guys. I hope this is as entertaining for you as should be helpful to me! So I came across 2 onan x1 sk8 boosters with dead batteries for $100 including 2 decks. I knew nothing about esk8 prior other than I wanted one! $100! For 2… TAKE MY MONEY! Anyway I opened the battery packs to see 18650s. I broke the cells down and bump charged each on with another 18650 I had laying around. Sure enough after that my charger recognized them and they charged fully in a few hours and held full charge. I soldered them all back together and everything works as it should. I’ve been hammering (as much as the little guy can be) the one I’ve fixed up and down hills for about 10 charges now and it seems fine. It’s just too slow and not enough torque to get up the many hills in my area. Which brings me to my next idea. 4wd! I opened the electronics enclosure and noticed the motors are unsensored. So I swapped 2 of the 3 cables over on both motors of one booster and they run in reverse with brakes functioning as normal! YAY! Next problem is syncing the front and the back wheels to one remote… I was about to start ordering parts when i wondered if I could just hot glue the two controllers together and glue a coupling strip across both rolling triggers (old boosted board style) making one chunky remote out of 2… This would only be a temporary fix obviously as I plan to upgrade to vesc’s and more powerful hubs as I can afford it. Question: 1)Before I get the hot glue gun out… is there a less rock ape way to bind both boosters to a single stock controller?
2)can you help me forge out a wish list. Including the order to upgrade in.For a high performance build utilizing the Onan battery enclosures. Everything else is open season! image image image image


Not sure it theres any pairing function on that reciever. If not, you’d have to remove one of the recievers and add some pretty long cables (not really optimal) to use a single remote, essensially one reciever connected to both units.