$100 (set of 4) 6" pneumatics wheels. Sign up Now!

Found a source for these! Could get a set (4 x tires, tube, hubs) for $100 (or less) for a groupbuy!

Tires are 6" x 2" similar to @psychotiller awesome wheels but much much cheaper (in price and probably quality :sweat_smile:) Hubs have 3x bolts I will design a 3d printed htd5 60t pulley to go with them $15-20 each.

If you are interested Sign up Here

Ships to me in 2-3 weeks. then 3 - 5 days to you. :slight_smile:

Anyone have experience with these boards/wheels?

How much interest is there? Will create a form if we hit the magic number! Edit form above.

  • I’m interested.
  • I’ll try a set.
  • 2 sets please.
  • Take my money!

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I’m in Los Angeles, Where are you? (for shipping)

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  • Canada
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  • Aus

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Those are nice looking wheels Is the hub made out of steel or aluminum? How much it weights?

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They are aluminum. Cast from the looks but i’m still waiting for specs on weight.

Good find Saul! If they’re good, I’ll just wrap it up and go ride instead of making parts lol


Oh no! what have I done! :scream:

Keep building! But yea its all about riding in the end… :sunglasses:

Make sure they can handle the pressure needed! Pneumatics need to be able to handle pressures up to 60-70psi, so roll resistance is limited. Otherwise you waste a lot of energy on friction.



Yep. Mine will do 60 to 70lbs of pressure. The road tires with my hubs will do 90lbs.

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Good! That pressure makes all the difference. You want them solid!

lol I’m sure these cannot hold that kind of pressure! But hopefully they have acceptable rolling resistance for the price.

High psi is not the only way to smooth rolling wheels. These are the holy grail to me.


Are they longboard truck compatible? The skike ones for example are wider (34mm instead of the needed 24mm if I remember correctly) and need to be lathed down to fit a normal axle.

It is not real friction but tire hysteresis that eats up all the energy.


Still working to get all the details. You can see this board is using rkp trucks. It looks like hubs have some sort of adaptor to fit standard truck axles.

I think the small diameter and wide thread should help with rolling resistance.

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yeah an axle extender would make sense. rolling resistance is a b!7ch though - on my 5" skikes I basically need double the amount of energy per km than on the longboard

wow that is serious inefficiency! Those are very narrow contact patch and soft rubber tho.

In this picture, they only have one bearing in the hub…Probably because they couldn’t put a nut on the axle with 2 bearings seated properly in the hub.


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Narrow contact should even improve efficiency (just look at mountain bike vs street bike tires) and they are also not soft at a pressure of 6bars

@saul can you find out whether they fit on a standard longboard truck/axel ? Also, is the rim able to accept other 6x2 tires and tubes? Some of these small-run proprietary sets end up using atypical measurements and then can’t accept standard replacements.

Sorry by simplifying. Hysteresis is the correct term. There are also some other effects that effect the roll resistance. It has a lot to do with the tire construction itself and the rubber used. We made some prototype tires reducing the roll resistance to a minimum. No more Steel…half the weight, 85 PSI rated, special rubber. They will not be cheap but they roll like a ninja. We just made the decision to produce them.

A lot of the cheap tires from China use funky plastics instead of rubber. Usually these are a bit more glossy just like the image shows. They even copied our Trampa Treads Tire down to the detail. Quality is so shocking…

Anyway: Try these 6" tires and see how they perform. If they perform, great! Hubs won’t fit skate trucks.

Would you like these? 125mm Urethane on Trampa wheels?



Yes, I want those 125mm Uro on Trampa wheels, take my money.

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So we got to make them in 78A high rebound, premium Urethane, street profile cut, typical Trampa lushness etc. I’ll do my best to start production ASAP.