$100 TB 6s4p shipped! [US] flywheel clones, mounts

All items include shipping within the US!!

[SOLD] TB 6S4P battery, 257 WH Less than 100 cycles. $150

90mm flywheel clones with bearings and spacers $20

[SOLD] Flywheel pulleys $10 each

[SOLD] TB vescs; one has been repaired by @ThermalM16 Both work great, and come with sensor cables. $80 each

[SOLD] TB nano remote, used. Plastic on/off switch snapped off needs a small screw driver or pin to turn it on and off $15

[SOLD] Bluetooth module $7

[SOLD] 5.5mm male to 4mm female bullet adapters. I’ll throw these in for an extra $5

[SOLD] TB 5065 260kv motor, the shaft is starting to come loose, just pay shipping.

Open to offers and trades.

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Where are you ?

Utah, US 10 char

I am interested in the pulleys.

Just had one guy before you ask. I’ll let you know if he takes them

The remote is gone am I right? May I ask if it had any connection issues? I heard that this new version of winning is better…

Yes remote is sold, no I didn’t have connection issues. I can’t compare it to the old version, I never tried that one.

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Thank you.

New remote is way better. Same one as the Enertion remote only different shape. Very reliable.

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I like to hear that :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

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Only the battery and wheels are left. Any offers?

If you decide you will take $70 shipped for the battery let me know…its not for me, a guy I work with is interested but that’s all he wants to spend.

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$70 is really low. I’ll think about it. Still open to offers.

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Title updated, I’ll take $100 until Friday.

do you have the enclosure that comes with it?

I have it but broken due do deck flex.

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I’ll ask but I think 70 is his best offer, he had 20 more budgeted for ABS to make an enclosure, I thought I could him a little higher if you had a good enclosure for it.


2x motor mounts for TB 218 trucks that can easily fit 107mm wheels. Really solid mounts from @marcmt88. Will include 4 belts. $75 for the set.

Interested, but they look pretty beat up. Can you take closer photos?

They’ve taken a few hits but still hold tight. What you’re mostly seeing is that they’re dirty.