100c 8000mah 2s lipo


Has anyone had experience with these?

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I have never heard of them till now.

I just have a hard time believing those are capable of supplying 800A continuous and 1600A burst

12AWG silicone wire is only rated to 55~70A (depending on your source), and that’s at 200°C (392°F)!

First Lipos I’ve seen with 100C rating. Of course we know they are’nt really 800a batteries but I would expect them to deliver good power with minimum sag. Only one way to know for sure though. Someone is gonna have to take one for the team. Looks like they have five- 5 star reviews They are available on Amazon for the same price with free prime shipping.

BTW, where did you find that chart?

Gens Ace/GensTattu has some with 100c cont. and 200c burst for 2S LiPos 5000mah - https://www.genstattu.com/ga-b-100c-5000-2s1p-hardcase-10-rs.html 5800mah - https://www.genstattu.com/ga-b-100c-5800-2s1p-hardcase-10.html Also a square pack for the 5800 - https://www.genstattu.com/ga-b-100c-5800-2s1p-square-rs.html

woah please by some at let us know :smiley: kinda heavy price tag though