100V Antispark w/ Precharge

Don’t knock it until you try it


How are you handling programming the attiny?

avrdude on a raspi3


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Awesome. I have yet to program one but looks like its just SPI and can therefore be done with a number of Interfaces. Are you ordering the PCBs in bulk? I’d love to try my hand at assembly and distribution of you need help.

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So far its just been (ab)using jlc’s cheap services to get far more pcbs than i need to test. I’ll probably go through them again once the design is finalized.

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I’m gonna go with ASS-S (Anti-Spark Switch Solution) :grinning:

BTW, great work @deltazeta.


@deltazeta when this switch releases the power to the esc/vesc does is it a soft power release or it is a hard on off like a loopkey?

Reason for my question-

The power release will be similar to a loopkey. The precharge circuit is just a 10ohm resistor, like the xt90s’ 5ohm resistor. The release will be “hard” compared to mosfet-based methods that ramp the power up, but slightly less hard compared to a loopkey.

Whether or not it will be sufficient to solve your problem is anyone’s guess though.


Do you have any other prototypes i could buy/test?

Not currently, but soon™


Please put me on the list for when they are availible!

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Oh dam i have sum competition. XD good work.


Dee-Zee Anti-Spark


I have also attempted this, and also failed to succeed in a way to design this without an MCU. I feel like a certain combination of flip-flops and comparators should be able to do this, but I never came up with a way, especially after you add 50ms (on) and 2700ms (off) debouncing. (the latter in case debris hits the power switch)

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I’d recommend 50ms / 2700ms

Can you at least offer a normal person translation pls :joy:


Well I understand that part lol :rofl:

Could use just one MOSFET for some savings?

The Wurth screw terminal for fuse are from DieBieMS BOM? They’re awesome but $4 per piece, and I think they have to be press fit into pcb using special equipment? I wonder if there’s a cheaper and easier for DIY screw terminal.

Very nice, thanks for posting!

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