100V Antispark w/ Precharge

Almost 3s seems like a long button press just to turn off the switch… The firmware handles debouncing but I wouldn’t know how well it performs without randomly throwing rocks at the switch.

More options is more better :muscle:

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Then make it a little less, the point is hold-to-turn-off so if debris hits the switch it’s very, very unlikely to be misinterpreted as a powerdown instruction.

My bicycle lights feel like they are about 50ms/2500ms

You could always try 50ms/1500ms

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You could name it skaltch

I specced the terminal holes according to the spec sheet and it fit no problem. I haven’t looked into other options, but I’m sure there are some likely at lower current ratings. A single MOSFET is probably sufficient, many ways to strip down the bom cost. You could even just ignore the fuse entirely and just solder wire across :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree with you @deucesdown but I think getting a version that works well should be the first priority, then slimming down a lesser version for college budgets should be the second priority. A “toy” and a “tool” model :rofl:


It’s 1000ms/1500ms now, but only because I have the precharge time tied to the on timer. Can be easily modified for user preference. To be honest I’d be very surprised debris is going to hold the button down continuously for more than 1.5s.

Can’t find Ron anywhere… feels pretty important

Oh, have you had a chance to look at my design? It automatically turns on the primary MOSFETs onces the capacitors are adequately charged.

I really like how you fit everything in such a small size, I have yet to do that xD.


I really like that.

At that prices you will, even if they fail lol

Definetley interested :smiley:

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Oh here he comes to patent troll. Typical


Brilliant idea. Since the BOM is not too expensive, it could just as well be Cheap ASS-S. I think it would work great with the Cheap FOCer, making a Cheap ASS-S FOCer combo.


Do it to it Brent :joy: image


Introducing the Anti-Dave


What about Sparklet or Sparkler?


Why not call it Negan or Lucille ? One badass name for one badass thing.

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For the momentary function, my Logic Design class taught me something very simple, given any logical function, it the the question is “can we do it?” The answer is always: “Yes but how?”

Found this simple little guy. The term “Soft latch switch” brings up a number of.possibilites. I however do not see a switch in the current design and have not yet modeled it or found time to mess with the original design. So I am unsure where and how to implement a switch, of any kind, in your design




Problem with that design in your picture is that its not meant for high power applications. Last figure in the link looks most promising but its alot of components…

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