105mm airless tire hub motor


I saw these on a reddit ad post. Just thought I’d share as I haven’t seen this version of airless wheel before.


Someone HAS to try these and report !!!

These look like the koowheel d3m motors with a different PU sleeve.

The same motors carvon is using on the Exos.

They are smooth and torquey…

These would fit ownboards esc (which is identical to koowheel)

Someome try them! Not a bad price!


These are awesome! Not a bad price either.

I asked, they are not replaceable… you have to replace the whole hub motor everytime your tires are worn

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How will 700 watts feel? Seems like one would be a little underwhelmed when switching from a 6374 setup?

Would be cool to get 4 for the front wheels and try getting a drive gear to fit them & try it on 6374 set up…


question is, after how many miles that usually happens.

Nice! The kit is also pretty cheap:

385$ only without a deck. 10S2P 30Q is also fine which comes with the kit. Looks a bit like the ownboard kit

dunno about that battery pack. they say its flat, but it is obviously stacked…not rly inspiring trust.

They state 800km before tires damage…

Guys… i will buy these in a week or so and report!!! Give me about a month


800km is reasonable, depending how and where you ride

Put those wheels on the new Torque Boards direct drive and a pair of hub wheels to the front!

Tempted to get these and install them on my Ownboard W1S 6.0 haha

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wonder what the durometer is. i cant see the info anywhre

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Not sure that a durometer rating is typically given for rubber tires? From a quick google search, it looks like automotive-grade rubber tires typically have a durometer of about 70A.

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It is fine for flat ground but any sort of hill and it will leave you disappointed.

same, I`d also do this haha

image Well, let’s see what happens LOL