107mm Abec11 Superfly vs 97mm Abec11Flywheels

I’ve been riding on 83mm flywheel clones and ready to make the upgrade to Abec 11 wheels. I thought I wanted to go with 97mm Abec 11 wheels but I read @sl33py post about the 107mm new Superfly wheels from Abec11, that seems amazing. I am running dual 6374 motors with torqueboard extended 218mm trucks so it should be possible with a 12mm belt setup.

Both wheels are in stock on the french Evolves site and I can’t decide what to go with. If I decide to go for the new Superfly I will have to get a 40T pulley.

Has anyone tried riding these new wheels? What are your thoughts, 97mm Abec11 Flywheels vs 107mm Abec11 Superfly? I read about a potential group buy on the wheels, any updates on that?

you could even fit 15mm belts / pulleys. i’ve got these 107mm superflys, 218mm TB trucks, dual 6374 TB motors and there is still ample space.

i’ve been going on and on about these wheels:



Nice! You are riding enertion motor mounts right? After seeing those monsters on, I am leaning towards the Superfly. Chrischaputt also said the riding feels on those are reallt good :slight_smile: Seems like you got unbranded, where did you get them? :slight_smile:

Or you could wait for the new 97mm SuperFlys

I put the 107mm superflys on my evolve Gt and met up with about 10 other evolve riders. Everyone who tried the superflys really liked them.


i contacted ChrisChaput directly, went to Abec headquarters here in southern california and picked them up directly.

i know you don’t have that luxury so i’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for them to become available in EU.

@E-Boarding there are 97mm Superfly comming? @thisguyhere The french evolve distributor has the 107mm Superfly in stock ready to ship for the EU-customers, but they are like 200€ :frowning:


Geez. Not sure if they’re 200€ good. I got them for 120$

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sickboards.nl have 97mm and 107mm in stock atm.

A little bit cheaper there, 185€… :frowning:

@ChrisChaput You said this in another post:

regarding a possible group buy. How many people would you need to make a group buy possible for the poeple on the forum?

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97’s will do just fine, thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve been riding 97’s genuines for a while and have tried evolves 83 mm flywheel clones, generic clones of all sizes, mbs wheels, and nothing compares to genuine 97’s . I imagine the 107’s are even better, but haven’t tried yet but i trust they are also superb. No wheels are as smooth as genuine flywheels, and i say that without exaggeration. You’ve got a hard choice to make but I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

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I would love to try the Superflys but I really don’t want to go over 90mm.

Why not @Namasaki?

then wait for the 90mm SuperFlys

Hill climbing torque. I’m already running 15/40 gears with 90s and I don’t want to give up any Torque.

Wheel bite. I like my downhill decks and I’m already running 1/2" risers to avoid wheel bite.


Both good points.

But I bet you’re a big guy, for those us that are sticks it works well.

I run 107mm supaflys, 15/40 pulleys, dual 6374 and it bombs up hill no issues.

Also no wheelbite on free ride decks:


195lbs And I like the look and feel of down hill decks Also I like the responsiveness of smaller wheels. I was running 83’s for a while.

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