107mm super fly wheels

Hi guys just received my superflys and they look awesome! They really do help a lot of rough side walks and shitty streets. They are freaking gigantic!! Only problem is that some of the bearings slip out of the wheels … I replaced the bearings and it happened again but it works so I don’t know… Take a look.


what do you mean it “slip out?”

how do bearings come off the wheel when you’ve got it bolted on?

do you mean the bearings slip inside the wheel? if so, you’ll need spacers:


No , I mean that they slip out of the wheel when they are off the trucks. Because it is needed to be bolted to the trucks i said I guess it’s not really an issue but I don’t know much about this … could be a tiny issue for all I know

Bearings should have a tight fit Clones?

Nope. Genuine from abec11 (doesn’t have the labels and stuff cause it cost less… Chris suggested it because he ran out of stock )

@ChrisChaput maybe you know why the bearings slip? ( love the wheels btw… just this issue is sort of annoying)

I can address a few issues in one post. First of all, those are genuine Abec 11 SuperFly’s made in Huntington Beach, CA USA. We always make a few without print on them for photo shoots, but these were in such high demand I sold them at a slight discount to early bird adopters.

The hubs hold 608 (Skateboard) bearings perfectly. I have not heard of any instances where the hubs were off spec. Bearings should be precisely 22mm in diameter, have an 8mm bore, and be 7mm wide. If the bearings are less than 22mm in diameter they will slip into the hub with too little force and slide out without any force.

The skateboard standard for bearing spacing is .400" (10.16mm) and NOT 10mm. If you put a 10mm spacer (which is undersized) in a good wheel and tighten the locknut is will pinch and bind the bearings. What a good and common practice for wheel manufacturers is to slightly undersize the bearing spacing in the hub by a few thousandths of an inch (.395" to .399"). This will nicely complemenet a precise spacer (.400") and/or one that is slightly oversized by a few thousandths (.401" to .405"). I like my hubs at .398" and my spacers at .402".

If you have a significantly oversized bearing spacer the wheel can shift side to side more than is desirable. In the animated GIF file I’m showing a .398" hub with both a .402" (good) spacer and a .420" (oversized) spacer to illustrate the difference.

Lastly, if you ever jam an imperial bearing like the ones found on Altered Electric Skateboards into a Flywheel it will make your bearing seats too loose to go back to 608s. Those are 7/8" in diameter (22.225mm), have a 3/8" bore and are 9/32" wide.


Well, where can I get a set of these degenerate wheels? You know just to see how bad they are an all. Not that I want a set because they are awesome… :wink:


@ChrisChaput where can the pink 77a 107’s be found ?

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(my favorite) Hell Yeah!!

I also have a bearing that easily slips out of one of my 97mm og abec11 flywheels. I use zealous bearings with built in spacers. Kind of annoying so I used a layer of shrink tube between bearing and wheel to have the bearing sit tight.

I am also having this issue. I have reds bearings, and they just pop right in. Not tight like all my other wheels.