Hey everyone, long time lurker here(iv’e made a couple of posts here and there but not too many).

Anyway… In the process of building a custom battery for my CGT but i can’t find suitable nickel strip ANYWHERE IN THE USA. All my cells and other parts come in the next two days, but the nickel strip I ordered from china is MINIMUM a month out.

Have any of you guys found a reputable USA source/place to buy from? I am located in California.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks fellas.

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This is the only one I know of but I think it’s UK based. Not sure how quick their overseas shipping will be…


Looks like quality stuff, thanks for looking for me man. But I need something that ships from the USA preferably. I have an itch to put this pack together :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I could also use a reputable Nickel Strip seller, everything I’ve bought has been nickel plated steel or whatever.


Hmm maybe I should start selling, got a ton of pure nickel


I’d buy some…

I’ll do some calculations this weekend, see what I can sell/how much

I also might have some I’ve had it in a slat baths for a week as if today and will check when I get home

Awesome, I’ll take some asap when you figure it out

Awesome, let me know

Test came back with nothing on the kind I use but brownish rust off some cheap stuff I orders on amazon

Which ones did you buy on Amazon that were fake? Mind linking them so I don’t make the same mistake

Sure Kastar Pure Nickel Solder Tab (50 Pieces), commercial grade best suited for heavy duty, high current and hig capacity battery packs. Build your own RC Toys and Power Tool battery pack DIY projects.

Well, I just bought some from ali-express that should be here in couple weeks. Had to buy a whole KG of it :open_mouth: . So i’ll have some to sell in a couple weeks.

Bought from this seller as it was linked a few times as reputable on endless sphere: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Thickness-0-2mm-Weight-1kg-Low-resistance-99-96-pure-nickel-for-battery-spot-welding-machine/32336236156.html?spm=a2g0s.8937420.0.0.cgDq3E

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Still interested in buying a few meters from someone here though(hopefully someone in California) just so I can start putting my pack together

Ok. I went through the same process a while back and the answer was: you won’t find any nickel strip vendor anywhere in USA. Go ahead and buy it from eBay in China, it will get to you in 1 week, the nickel is cheap so buy enough for 4 boards, you will need it in the future even though you think you won’t

I’ve got some pm me located in oc california

Ended up getting a 1kg roll of 0.2 10mm from alibaba. Bummer there are no US sellers. Good to know the stuff I ordered off ebay should come in a week though.

pm sent! 10 chars

I’ll buy some