10s 40A BMS Reviews

Hey guys, I’m just wondering to see everyone’s experience with this BMS. I know someone here recently had their board caught on fire, and was using BMS in their build. Seems to be pretty widely known to most of you guys. What do you guys have to say about it? Is it reliable? What BMS you decided to upgrade after using this BMS? How has it been working for you in the long run?


get a besttech d140

bypass it


What about a more smaller compact esc for charge only?

Bestech D239

8A max charge and is one of the smallest bms’s


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Thats the one that I have been urged to get by many an expert. Apparently a good unit and small.

Which one would be a good 12s equivalent? (charge only)

By any chance the Bestech D239 and this bms have any similarities, other than the brand name? Just going off by the looks.