10s battery for wowgo

I need a battery for my wowgo 2s and I prefer not to have to wait for wowgo to ship one to me, I assume it will take thema long time to get it to me. Thanks!

i have my original battery from my wowgo 2s is that what you need? 20190616_192843

Yes, my board got ran over by a truck last week, long story, but the battery enclosure shattered and it bent the battery pack out of shape, I am afraid to use it now, but I’m dying to get back on my board. So how much do you think you would want and where are you located? IMG_20190616_133357793_LL

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I have a 10s3p 25r battery. It’s 7.5 Ah and works with my WowGo, has about 5-10 cycles on it, brand new. PM for price, can ship today

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